A few policy updates

1. Please do not wear cologne when you session with Me. While I do appreciate people wanting to smell good, it tends to get all over My gear and it can be very difficult to eliminate the scent. Also, sometimes I find it distracting or don’t like what someone wears.

2. Outcalls are now only available to people who I have established a trusting relationship with Me or who have good, current references. Though I like to be accommodating, I don’t like when people who I don’t know and who have no references ask Me to session with them in some hotel. you either need to be willing to do at least one incall with Me, or you need to provide references from active, professional Dommes — AND those Dommes have to actually respond to the reference request.

3. Outcalls taking place at a play party must be paid in advance and in full. I don’t want to receive tributes at a play party. It’s problematic for a few reasons — including some parties do not allow it.

4.When O/our session is finished, please do not expect to hang out afterward. I’m not talking about aftercare, I’m talking about shooting the shit. Taking a shower is absolutely fine, but please do not linger; keep it brief. If I have a client after you and I need to prepare for them, or if I have another matter to attend to, it may affect My ability to do that. If you want to have a conversation about the session, I welcome a short exchange, but if you want to get into a more in-depth or processing type conversation — which I love to do — it needs to happen at a later time. If you anticipate wanting to have a discussion after O/our session, you can book additional, post-session time in advance so I can reserve the time for you and plan accordingly.

5. After some consideration, I have decided not to provide references unless you opt-in. I had a situation arise which made Me reevaluate freely giving references. This will ensure that the only time I’m talking to others about you is when you specifically tell Me I can.