ISO personal slaves

I’m considering a possible project and I need some slaves to assist me.

Areas of expertise needed:

  • real estate (Philadelphia)
  • mortgages
  • legal
  • home improvement/renos

In some cases, the expectation would be that you offer your services pro bono. In others, it may be quid pro quo.

If you would like to offer your expertise, please email me (if you have my email) or complete my service form.

Serious offers only.

Twitter Status

Twitter suspended my account a month ago because they do not understand the use of satire and said I was threatening violence.

I sent an appeal, which was ignored. Then consulted with an attorney at the ACLU, who said that I was clearly using satire and not threatening anyone, and sent another. They replied and continued to assert I threatened violence.

I think there’s some 20 year old kid reviewing these cases who doesn’t understand the purpose of satire is usually the opposite of what is written.

Or it someone who feels powerless in their life and this is how they feel powerful.

Whatever the reason it’s pretty upsetting. That was almost 8 years of work. 8 years, people. It was also my primary source of social and business networking. And, as reluctant as I am to say, my favorite social media platform. And someone who doesn’t understand how to read what I wrote, accused me of something I didn’t do, and took away my account because of it.

Twitter has been sued for this type of thing before. It is not beyond me to look into filing a lawsuit against them.

New Option and Rate For Select Activities

I rarely get anyone booking one-hour sessions anymore. My concern is that since the national rate for a pro Domme has risen to 350/hr that folx looking for shorter, “simpler” sessions have been priced out. This is probably especially true since the pandemic and how it’s effected people economically.

So, I’m going to try an experiment and offer the following activities in a one-hour session at a reduced rate of 250/hr:

  • Spanking (OTK or otherwise)
  • Foot Domination (this does not include food play)


  • This only applies to sessions one-hour in length.
  • This only applies to the above listed activities.
  • Simple roleplays, verbal play, and light bondage can be included in the scene.
  • If you don’t need a full hour, you still have to pay for one; there is no half-hour rate. We can use the remainder of time to sit and talk, have a snack or cup of tea.
  • A consultation is still required (though will be shorter than other sessions)
  • All other protocol applies, including a deposit and screening requirements.

B-day gifts from slave john

Not only did slave john bring me his body and (very weak) mind for my enjoyment today, he brought me these wonderful birthday gifts:

(subs/slaves/sluts, you may be asked to taste test my latest creation when you visit)

…and this fragrant candle set and what else but a pig card!

Thank you, slave john!! I love them! (and our session today!)

September is My Birthday Month

My birthday is the 23rd! I love being spoiled!

My wishlist:

  1. $750 gift card to Etsy for a new bondage chair. My adjustable chair is broken and the person who made it, BDSM Gear, who claims to have a lifetime warranty, will not fix it unless I pay to ship it to him. Due to what needs to be replaced, this would be the entire chair. I’d rather buy a new one from someone else. (You can also send a gift card in any amount toward a new chair.)
  2. Vegan New Rock Trail M-TR003-S1 boots. Instructions for ordering are on my Offerings page. 200 (+ ship).
  3. Bag O’ Dicks. Instructions for ordering are found on my Offerings page. 998. (You can also send a contribution toward the Bag O’ Dicks in any amount. Something more of a Clutch O’ Cocks or Pocket O’ Pricks, if you will.)
  4. KitchenAid 6-Quart Stand Mixer. I like to bake and would love one. 550. If you want to add the wire whip and/or dough hook, I would love that, too.
  5. Le Mystere Isabella bra from my wishlist. It’s the one at the top of the list. 86.
  6. Astrology consult with Anne Ortelee. 368. She’s very good and I want some esoteric insight about a very serious decision I need to make!
  7. Aussie or NZ subs: I love Australian Picnic chocolate bars. I’d love if you’d mail me some! (Please don’t send UK version. Not only do I have some left over from my last trip to England, I think they’re inferior!)

…or anything from the Collections part of my Offerings page or my Amazon Wishlists is also wonderful.

If you’re ordering something that will not drop off a list when purchased (i.e. things from my Amazon wishlist), please let me know so I can take it off and avoid duplicates.

Don’t know what to buy or prefer to send a cash gift? If you’re one of my subs, slaves, or sluts, please use my personal payment link. (If you don’t have it, just email.) If you are not one of my subs, please use Erotifix.

Thank you!


Mistress Tissa

Can’t Figure Out Registration Problem

Link was fixed but I cannot figure out how to get the registration emails to go through. I’ve asked for help from my blog’s host and my email host. Both are saying the other is responsible for the fact that somewhere in the path there is a block that is not allowing the emails to go through.

I’m tech-savvy but this is beyond my ability to troubleshoot.

The work-around may be going to and creating a global account:

Please try this and come back and see if you’re able to comment. I would appreciate knowing if that works.