To Aspiring and Practicing Pro Dommes

I know that this work can demand a lot from you, and you may feel you can’t do everything, so you look for “help”. You may look for ideas about what to offer, how much to charge, and where to advertise. These are all reasonable things to look for help for. But one thing you have to be careful about is “help” trying to come up with your own brand.

It’s essential your brand is driven from your own inner vision. This means being unique and not using other Dommes’ content — no matter how much you like it. People will notice, and it will not reflect well on you. Not only with other Dommes, who will recognize their own work, but with clients, who may think you must not be very good if you can’t come up with your own ideas.


  • Don’t use someone else’s name. Do a thorough search to make sure there isn’t someone else going by the name you are thinking of using. You don’t want to be confused with someone else — especially if that someone else has a bad reputation.
  • Don’t use signature aspects of someone’s brand. This can be their tagline, symbolism (e.g. a crown in their logo), or even a font they use pervasively. The less overlap you have with other pros, the better it is for you.
  • Do explore your own style and use that to craft your image. What is important to you? What do you really enjoy? If you see someone already doing it, come up with your own way of doing it.

While being inspired is expected, avoid copying at all costs. No one likes a copycat.

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Online Class: How to Find the Domme of Your Dreams

How to Find the Domme of Your Dreams

Saturday, August 15th 5pm
60 minutes

Trying to find a Dominant woman and not having any luck? After years and years of observing men looking for Dommes and making a lot of the same mistakes, I have a lot to tell you.

In this class I’ll discuss what a Dominant woman is (and is not), where you may find her, and what you can do to increase your chances that she will be interested in you.

Gentlemen, let me help you have an edge over the others.

To register, please visit the How to Find the Domme of Your Dreams page.