Rough Treatment

Monkey Dick eagerly brings me his cock and balls for my exquisite, rough treatment. I’m happy to accept his offering. I enjoy every one of his squirms, gasps, and howls.

When he last came to me, I instructed him to sit. He watched me as I wound my rope around parts of his body.

Where should I put the other end of this rope?

You better keep your arms up, Monkey Dick, or you’re going to rip your balls off. LOL!

After having some fun with him in one of my chairs, I restrained him and clamped him into my pillory.

Once he was unable to resist my advances, I brought out various implements to see what kind of reaction I could elicit.

First, a little warm up…

After what Monkey Dick described as, “some of the most painful flogging/whipping of my balls I ever experienced … it was great!”, it was time for a whipping.

I was proud of him. He took quite a lot of lashes.

Afterward he said, “Thank you for the absolutely great session!!!”

He also gave me a super cute card and a generous gift for my birthday. (Thank you, Monkey Dick!)

And surprise, surprise: he’s already scheduled for our CBT adventure.

Stay tuned…

* * * Impact/CP bottom needed for clips * * *

I need to shoot some short videos to accompany my review of some impact implements. This was something I have been trying to arrange with my personal bottom for several months but it didn’t work out and he is no longer my bottom. His loss is your gain.

This opportunity is available to my existing clients first. (Existing clients are those who are in good standing with me and have had at least one session with me in roughly the last two years.) If none are able or willing in the timeframe I need, I will open this up to others.


  • you must pass my COVID screening
  • you will have to show your body (you do not need to show your face)
  • while I may only need you for a couple of hours, you must be available for up to a 6-hour block, between 2-10pm, preferably 4-10pm. (Morning will not be a possibility.)
  • probable marks on your butt (you don’t need to be a masochist or take heavy play but I will be using a variety of implements which are likely to leave some kind of marks by the time we’re finished)

If you’re a client, you will not be asked to tribute for this privilege. Non-clients will be.

If we go more than a couple of hours, you’ll probably get to have dinner with me. If we finish quickly and we’re having fun shooting, I may ask if you want to shoot more with me. What that entails can be negotiated at that time.

The deadline to respond is September 3rd.

I’m looking to schedule this after I return from my birthday vacation on September 26.

Please email me with “promo clips” as the subject line and include info about the days and time you’re available.

Fetish Influences Fashion: Paco Rabanne F/W 1995

People in the sex work and fetish cultures (as well as goth and punk) have influenced designers for decades. Here’s an example from designer Paco Rabanne’s Fall/Winter line in 1995:

People like Lip Service had been making vinyl clothing for years. (I had a vinyl ballgown they made from around this period.)

More here, including diaphanous pieces (one of my fetishes)

I think I will make this a series…so expect more to come !

Monkey Dick, Exposed

I put Monkey Dick in my metal spreader device and forced him onto his back.

Now rendered helpless, his ass is mine.

With his cock, balls,and ass exposed to me, I gave him a delicious flogging.

Then added a little predicament into the mix.

While I was having my fun with him, I noticed the shadow of my earring on his ass:

(I should get that made into a metal brand)

Monkey Dick: “Thanks for the great session. … I really like the bondages you put me in … I was surprised how much I enjoyed the flogging hits … It was great! … The hard hits while in the predicament tie were intense and absolutely great!!!

Just Arrived: Nut Suspension

Your nuts go in each of the little compartments and then those screws can be turned in to torture you and entertain me.

Here’s what they look like inside: