How To Properly Ask For a Session or Call

When you contact me asking for a session, chat, coaching call, whatever, can you PLEASE follow my very logical protocol?

I’m worn out from receiving emails like this:

“Hi, Mistress, can I schedule X with you?”

If you’re asking for BDSM in some form:

  1. Has it been less than a year since I saw or spoke to you last? If YES then the answer will be YES unless I specifically told you NO. In this case you just have to include the day(s) and time(s) you’re interested in. PLEASE INCLUDE THIS because I cannot schedule you if I don’t have it. Wondering if I’m available for your preferred date? Conveniently, I have a SCHEDULE page for you to look at before you contact me. Also, be sure to include your session interests and any changes to your limits or health since I say you last. If you do not indicate any, I will assume they are the same.
  2. If it’s been over a year since I’ve seen or spoke with you, please submit a new session request form on my CONTACT page. Do not send an email. Just go fill out the form. Mention you have seen me before, in case I forgot.

If you’re asking for coaching/consulting:

  1. If I have spoken to you in the last year, please send the fee for the call using my private payment link and then send me an email with your preferred day(s) and time(s) to talk. If you do not have the payment link, please ask for it. At the same time you ask for it, please tell me when you would like to speak. If you send an email with your preferred day(s) and time(s) without sending payment I cannot schedule you for a call. Please include what you would like support about.
  2. If it has been over a year, please complete the coaching form again. As with a session, do not email me. Just go fill out the form and mention that we have had coaching before.

When providing your preferred day(s) BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE TIME.

Because I’m also very worn out from:

“Mistress, can I request a session with you next Tuesday for 2 hour?”

To which I may reply, “Terrific, I’ll put you down for 4pm.”

To which I sometimes receive a reply like:

“Oh, Mistress, I can only do 8pm.”

To which I feel very frustrated because you could have told me that when you asked for the session.

You have to understand that I can be busy talking to multiple people and receiving several emails. And so efficiency helps reduce error and also maintains my sanity.

When you annoy me and take up enough of my time I may tell you to send a tribute to help placate The Beast Goddess who gets tired of explaining the same obvious things over and over. (Especially when they are clearly explained in my protocol and FAQ.) Thank you.

New Scene Options

I now offer specific types of scenes with a fixed or reduced tribute:







These scenes can be requested like a standard BDSM, Fetish, or Fantasy scene though the contact page on my site. Simply request it by name and provide any pertinent info.

Please visit my SESSIONS page for more information.

You can comment here with questions.

Expressing Your Inner Femme

Are you aching to explore your inner femme? Or are a seasoned femme who loves to express this with a FemDom who genuinely enjoys it? L’Autel De La Femme is my signature approach to femme expression and play (aka “feminization”). This is one of my favorite activities and specialties. I have experience with those who are nervously trying it for the very first time to those who are seasoned femmes ready to get dressed for a night out on the town.

I’m an excellent match for those who wish to discover and explore this part of themselves with someone who is truly nonjudgmental and gets it. Whether you just want to put on a pair of panties or you want head-to-toe changes, you don’t just want someone who can dress you up, you want someone who actually understands the deeper psychological and philosophical aspects of gender identity and expression, is competent understanding your needs and desires, and knows how to effectively include them in a kinky scene that leaves you feeling sexy and energized.

My approach is unusual with FemDoms in that I do not use femme as something to humiliate and degrade. Instead, it is used to elevate, celebrate, and even to evolve one’s consciousness. It is used to help those who are guys, dudes, chaps, blokes, assigned male at birth (AMAB), butch men, butch women, non-binary, femme-reluctant and non-femmes discover and reclaim their often shamed, fragmented, and compartmentalized femme selves. This has been a signature aspect of my practice since I began.

I’m enthusiastically all-inclusive and welcome any sex, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, color, nationality, religion, body type, (dis)ability, and legal age.

I have many things in many sizes to transform you into the cute, pretty, beautiful, elegant, sexy, and/or slutty femme you are curious about, long to be, or already are! Including various wigs, lingerie, bras, garter belts, panties, stockings, breastforms & breastplates, corsets, petticoats, pumps & boots, and a full line of makeup for complexions ranging from pale to dark.

L’Autel De La Femme

I offer several session options. From partial to full transforms, a variety of kinky play before and once in you’re en femme; as well as shopping, dining, and dancing together. Yes, you are absolutely welcome and encouraged to go out en femme with me!

For more detail, please visit:

Some testimonials from those with whom I have explored femme:

“The whole experience was great … I knew that I belonged there, that I belonged to You! In our session there was nothing fake or superficial, no stereotyped performance. You looked into my soul and took control and made me feel like an elegant, beautiful, and slutty woman without humiliation or degradation. The mood and atmosphere was emotional and intimate! The energy level made me shake with excitement even after I left Your dungeon. Everything pleasurable, positive and good!!! … It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. … I’m so glad I contacted you.” – denise

“I feel safe there and that means a lot to me.” – samantha

“I loved our time together.  This was surely  the best BDSM experience I have ever had. You are erotically intoxicating to me and you are a virtuoso at your art. …I’m still a little high, feeling contemplative, unworried and at peace.”– slut michelle

“Thank You so much for yesterday. It was by far the best session I’ve had with you. … Thoroughly enjoyed everything … it’s the first time I dressed completely femme and for that I’m grateful. … Almost everything I experienced in the session yesterday was a first and that is only due to your expertise, creativity  and skill – as I don’t consider myself a novice. You were fantastic! – Kaladhar

“I loved my experience You brought out the real me – and it felt good.” – Heather

“i’m still in a state of awe about yesterday. First and foremost, thank You. … Amazingly enough, yesterday was one of the first times i really actually loved myself. i go through a ton of self-frustration because i never quite feel “myself,” … It’s like walking around always feeling like i just don’t fit. Yesterday, i felt like i fit. It was incredible.” – mvb

“Mistress, last night’s session changed my life. I am still reeling from it. I feel like a totally changed person today. Never in my wildest dreams have I ever imagined being taken like that. Its changed my whole outlook. I know I can’t ever go back to the way I was. I can’t thank you enough.” – f, lifestyle session