Vintage Kink: Holy Sunday Edition

Wish my Latin wasn’t so rusty, because I’d love to know the explanation for this one.

Giving oral while simultaneously getting poked in the ass by a bird with a very large beak.

Let’s add that to FetLife’s fetish list, shall we?

(This is apparently from a Book of Hours. I am having trouble finding it’s specific source, however.)

Domestic slave at work in My dungeon

Tickling Beth

New Series: Please Buy This #1

This series will be dedicated to the questionable things that are made and the way they are “marketed” to us kinky folx. A What The Fuck Are They Thinking of adult toys, if you will.

Found this on Amazon:

Before I even think about how ineffective the design and unhygienic the hardware looks for this…”gag”, the death stare of this mannequin has me wanting to immediately close the tab.