Looking for trans femme/CD/femme-curious input

Doing some research and would like to know your measurements. Looking for:

– chest (preferably your underbust)
– waist (natural not low)
– hips (fullest part)
– size of your feet (mens or womens shoe size)

You can also put your size in women’s clothes.

There is no requirement you’re “full time” or in any way really “serious”. Just anyone who is interested in dressing en femme.


Study: Between pleasure and pain

Between pleasure and pain: a pilot study on the biological mechanisms associated with BDSM interactions in dominants and submissives

This research is the first study of some of the biological mechanisms of BDSM. It was conducted by the University of Antwerp in collaboration with Club 78, a BDSM club in Belgium. The paper will be published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. (Congrats, U of Antwerp!)

The aim of the study was to shed light upon the rewarding biological mechanisms associated with BDSM interactions.” … “we investigated how BDSM interactions affect blood-based biomarkers for stress (cortisol), pleasure (beta-endorphin, endocannabinoids AEA and 2-AG), sexuality (estrogen, testosterone) and attachment (oxytocin) in Dominants and submissives. “



[Full research paper]

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