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I get people who mention my blog on Twitter, Fetlife, or even by sending me emails. I appreciate it but I would rather you comment on what you like here.

I get a lot of traffic but rarely does anyone interact. Really feeling like my free content is unappreciated. I might as well be charging for it if I’m just going to talk to an empty room.

Don’t take free stuff for granted, sluts.

Various gifts

Some of the thoughtful gifts sent to me recently…

Another care package from Slut Michelle for the homeless cats I feed:

This is always appreciated as I go through ~120 cans a month (not including my own adopted cats).

Thanks, again, Slut Michelle, They will love it!

A holiday gift from sub t with a lovely note attached:

sub t, thank you! I hope you are able to serve me again soon, too.

Cute cards with enclosed gifts from slave john:

Thank you, slave john! I love that you manage to find all the pig cards that anyone has ever made.

I had asked who was going to delight me with the amazing Tamron lens from my wishlist. The answer is: Slut Michelle!

She’s a beauty! Looking forward to trying her out.

THANK YOU, Slut Michelle!!

And this just in! Yes, literally, as I was typing this page out, Slave James W sent a thoughtful gift and kind message:

Thank you, Slave James! Your kind gesture and words did cheer me up.

Arabian Whipped Balls

Monkey Dick asked for more whipping. So I treated him to my Arabian whip on his already beat-up balls.

Vaccine Requirements

I’ve been asked to clarify whether or not I require someone to be vaccinated for an in-person session. My policy is based on science and a risk/benefit analysis.

I do not require that you are vaccinated. And I do not engage in shame tactics whether you have chosen to or not.

The short answer: A “vaccinated only” policy does not make sense scientifically. Why? It does not stop you from becoming infected and transmitting that to others. While there is some evidence it can reduce the severity of disease, there is also evidence that it is causing some serious adverse events. Furthermore, these new mRNA treatments introduce unknown risks for long-term complications. I deeply respect people’s concerns about this and do not want them to feel pressured to take some very real risks in order to see me.

The long answer: First, let’s examine the concerns we have with getting together to session:

1. transmission, and

2. getting sick

Right now, while I don’t require shots, I do require masks for people I’ve never seen and also on a case-by-case basis with existing clients.

Concern 1: While masks, like condoms, do not eliminate transmission they do reduce it. And the better your mask, the less transmission will occur. Some argue that masks “do not work”. This is likely a misunderstanding between a risk-elimination measure and a risk-reduction measure. Nothing eliminates risk except not having exposure to things that may carry the virus, people or otherwise.

Likewise, this vaccine, like other vaccines, does not eliminate transmission. You can be fully vaccinated and acquire and pass along the virus to others. Data has shown that vaccinated people have as much viral load as unvaccinated people. ( and that they transmit that as readily as unvaccinated people ( Also important to note is that it does not prevent mutation and may in fact accelerate it.

Concern 2: Also, like other vaccines, those available for the SARS-CoV2 virus do not have an 100% efficacy rate against illness. This means you can receive the vaccines and still develop COVID. Israel, a county looked to for data because of its high vaccination rates, is estimating that it is only 40% effective at preventing infection. (

So, if our primary goal is to stop transmission between me and you, and the possibility of getting sick from this virus, the vaccine does not do that. On the other hand, while masks also can’t guarantee they eliminate transmission, they’re a more non-invasive approach which are safe for most people to use — especially for short periods of time — and have been shown to be the most effective means of reducing transmission ( When wanting to reduce the above concerns, I feel masks are a very reasonable measure to require, with few — if any — adverse effects.

Furthermore, an very important factor for people making decisions about this vaccine is that there are no long-term studies on mRNA vaccines. None. Only short-term trials. The longest trial in experimental science, what is called a “phase 3 trial”, is the one going on right now, with everyone on the planet. Typically, it takes 5 – 10 years to conduct research and gather some level of sufficient data to determine if something can be considered “safe”. These vaccines have just gathered only one year of data of using this type of treatment in human subjects.

When running medical experiments scientists look for many things. Aside from a treatment’s efficacy, they look for any complications, such as long-term effects (e.g. is there a correlation between the treatment and the development of an illness) and contraindications (e.g. is there a correlation between people with pre-existing conditions or on certain medications and adverse effects). Sometimes they find that certain treatments put people at varying levels of risk for complications or death, which are the warnings you hear when medications are advertised (i.e. “may cause lightheadedness, seizures, or suicidal ideation”). This data is not yet available for these vaccines; it is being gathered now.

Without long-term data, assertions it’s “safe” are conjecture. They are generalizing this mRNA vaccine with all types of vaccines (which work differently); and they want us to take it, for research purposes and because they hope it will work, not because they can guarantee it is actually safe. Because of this, my beliefs about bodily autonomy, the fact that there are people walking around who have been exposed to this virus and have natural immunity, and my own concern that a vaccine I received over 25 years ago may have been directly related to a chronic health condition I have struggled with since that time, I cannot, in good conscience, make it a requirement. I feel that this is a deeply personal decision which involves a risk/benefit consideration for each person. Certainly nothing to coerce or shame people about.

So, if you can’t or don’t want to receive this vaccine, I support your right to make that choice. (Likewise, if you do choose to receive it.) However, I do need you to wear a sufficient mask — and also practice smart hygiene — if you come to visit me.

Tribute Increase

Effective January 1, 2021 I will be increasing my tribute to $300 per hour. This will affect all sessions up to four hours in length. Six- and eight-hour session will be unaffected. As usual, I will offer a discount for multiple hours.

This decision has nothing to do with the pandemic. I had been planning on raising it at the beginning of 2021 long before the COVID outbreak. In fact, knowing how difficult this time had been for people had me consider that maybe I should postpone, but it’s been 3 years since my last tribute increase, I’ve been behind the current national rate for a while now, and I have been seeing new Dommes with no private dungeon charging more than me, so I decided it was time.

Existing clients that I have seen at least 4 times between March of 2019 and March of 2020 will be grandmothered until June April 1, 2021.

Testing my new equipment on Monkey Dick

Monkey Dick is always up for a thorough assault on his junk. And so I took his C & B to the task.

Here is the new, spiked ball enclosure I selected:

How hot is that???

Then, I tried the ball stretcher with spiked plate:

It took some finagling to get him in there, but I get my way eventually, so he knew that as soon as I pulled this out of my toy cabinet his balls were doomed…DOOMED….

I can still hear the gasp and fearful moans… to my ears!

Back after an almost two-month hiatus!

After WordPress so kindly suspended my site on October 30th (after saying they were okay with it AND taking my money for a premium package), I was faced with the task of not just finding any old host to throw it back up on, but one I felt would not censor me again.

I found that host and thanks to their excellent customer service am back up and blogging.

I’m going to be tweaking things over the next several weeks. For one, the appearance; so what you see is likely to change. If you see any missing photos or links, please comment so I can be made aware of them.

If you were subscribed to my blog, you may need to subscribe again. I can’t find any information on subscribers on the dashboard, and I haven’t had a chance to look that up and figure it out.

Thanks for reading!

Practice Bottom Needed

The legendary Amanda Wildfyre will be at Temenos teaching me sounding, intraurethral play, play piercing, suturing, and perhaps more. I will need someone who is comfortable being my practice bottom for ALL of these activities.

This will not be a scene. Please do not expect fetishwear or scene-typical behavior.

Our tentative date is December 4th. No specific time has been set, but we anticipate at least two hours will be needed. Hours can be afternoon or evening.

Preference will go to my existing clients. New clients will be considered but you MUST have adequate and current professional reference(s). No exceptions will be made.

Existing clients will not be required to pay tribute. That’s right: you get to come and be with me and the amazing Ms. Amanda Wildfyre in exchange for offering your body.

New clients will be required to pay a tribute of $200. This will be due at the time you commit.

If interested…

Existing clients: please send me an email.

New clients: please complete the session request form on my website and be prepared to have a brief conversation with me on the phone, provide references, and pay your tribute.