I know how much you’d love for me to use your face as my seat.. To be smothered by my beautiful pussy and ass… To feel the erotic anticipation of my weight descending onto you….

But know this: you are in no position to ask for this privilege. I’m your Dominant, not your servant.

I don’t care what kind of tribute you offer me. I don’t provide it because you demand it with bribes.

This honor is not to be bought, it is to be earned.

And I will decide if you’ve earned it.

One thought on “Facesitting/Smothering”

  1. Ooh,ooh,(hand waving wildly around)pick me!! Can I please be one of your earning boys.I’ll do my best to try and please you.I have to make time ,it has been hard,just to see your new cbt device.

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