Foot Domination

Foot Domination is my form of foot play. I want to explain what that means and how it differs from the very common practice of “foot worship”, as I take requests for the former, but not the latter.

Domination is about having and exercising control.  When exercising control, it can be accomplished in all sorts of ways. In this example, the control is happening with My feet.

Worship is about paying reverence. There are many ways to do this: caressing, massaging, bathing, kissing, licking, sucking, etc. In some people’s interpretations and expectations of “worship”, the “sub”, bottom, and/or fetishist has free reign to do any of those activities as they wish. In practice, however, what kind of worship is allowed — if any at all — depends on the desires and boundaries of the people involved.

I am a Dominatrix who enjoys body worship in My personal life, but I do not accept requests for it in a professional setting. That is: while I love having My body caressed, massaged, bathed, kissed, licked, and sucked, I do not accept tribute for it. This is not because I have a problem with the concept; it’s because this does not feel like a natural expression of My Dominance and how I conduct My professional practice.


Foot domination involves My control of you through My feet. This means I am the one who decides how I use My feet in relation to you. I may use them to touch, “handle”, trample, smother, kick, force inhale/feed you, etc. This may also include “worship”, if I choose, but, again, it may not. The emphasis is My Domination and your submission via My feet.

This practice is best suited for submissives who have foot fetishes. If you are a foot fetishist without an interest in power exchange, it may not work for you.

If you wish to discuss My approach to this activity further, feel free to request a consult through My chat line on NiteFlirt.

Please note:

  • My feet are not stinky. I can wear the same pair of socks for a month and they won’t smell. However, My feet have a light natural “foot” aroma which is pleasant.
  • While My feet are not especially sweaty, I can create Sweat Fantasy in a foot domination session.
  • The only type of foot cleaning that may occur is in a foot domination scene in which there is food crushing/sploshing. I do not allow dirt cleaning.

IMPORTANT: Show me you are paying attention and understand my approach by asking for “foot domination” in your session request. If you ask for “foot worship” (or any kind of body worship, for that matter), I will ignore your application.

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  1. This is a fine blog post and makes perfect sense. Of course, I would not have understood it without your superb explanation. Thank you, Mistress Tissa.

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