Happy Spanksgiving special

For ONE WEEK ONLY, I am offering 20% off all spanking-focused sessions! I don’t discount often, so if you’ve been wanting Me to spank you, take advantage of this.



  • Sessions can range from 30-minutes* to 2-hours. (*30-minute sessions have special protocol and for this special are ONLY available on the 17th and 18th. Sessions longer than 30-minutes are still free to book on these dates.)
  • Session must be focused on spanking. Other forms of impact and corporal punishment are permitted. This includes: spoons, rulers, straps, floggers, canes, and whips.
  • Bondage is permitted. Level must be relative to length of session.
  • Roleplays are permitted.
  • Other relative activities may be permissible. Please inquire.
  • There will be no outcalls available for this special.
  • Yes, you may schedule multiple sessions within the week.
  • This is for NEW sessions only. Not rescheduled.
  • All other protocol with regard to limits, consultations, deposits, vetting, scheduling, cancellations, etc apply. Please see My protocol page for more information.

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