I love to be spoiled

I’ve received some lovely gifts this week.

Bmore sent an always-useful Amazon gift card…


…followed by a lovely pair of fully-fashioned stockings…


Thank you, b.e.! I love Cuban heel stockings!

My “newest admirer, C” sent two pair of sexy boots…


…and a replacement for one of My favorite pair of thigh-highs that began falling apart…


Thank you, admirer c! They are fantastic!!

…and finally this beautiful rug from pauletta!


It may not look large in the photo but it’s 7′ x 10′. It reminds Me a bit of a medieval astronomical drawing.

Thank you, pauletta! I love it!!!

One thought on “I love to be spoiled”

  1. you assume that the only criterion to be valued is how much money you put in My pocket.

    More like “The Saga of Mistress Tissa”. (Do not forget your place, bitch!)

    Hope to see you soon, pauletta!

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