Inside the mind of slave m

It had been almost three weeks since my last session with Mistress Tissa when i sent the email that read’ “are You possibly available on (date/time) for me to serve You?” Then i began my wait, hoping that Mistress Tissa would allow me to serve Her on the date and time that i requested. Actually, although i consider myself to be a fairly patient person, i simply could not wait this time for Mistress Tissa’s response, checking my email constantly to see if She has replied. The only thing that could possibly make the wait any worse would be if Mistress Tissa told me that She was unavailable on the date that i requested. But, in this case the response was positive and i immediately begin looking forward to my next session with a true Goddess in Mistress Tissa.

Three weeks is a very long time for me between sessions with Mistress Tissa, actually waiting the three weeks to serve Mistress Tissa absolutely “sucked.” After each session i have with Mistress Tissa, i assess over and over again in my head how well the session went. In reality, all of the sessions are amazing for me, but i sometimes wonder if Mistress is completely pleased with how well i serve Her during a session, as that is my one and only goal.

From the moment i get into my car to drive away from a session with Mistress Tissa, i relive that session over and over again in my head. It is almost impossible for me to get Mistress Tissa out of my mind, not that i would ever want to. Her incredible beauty, Her amazing power over me and those deep dark eyes that seem to be able to see right into your soul often possess my most inner thoughts after a session. The only thing that helps me to get my mind off of my last session is when i have scheduled another. Then my focus switches from what happened in O/our last session to what may or may not take place during our next session. i cannot help but wonder.

  1. What will Mistress wear during our next session? Will She wear something that i had gifted to Her? Will She allow me the privilege of looking at Her during a session?
  2. Will i be permitted to touch Her in any way? And, if so, where?
  3. How intense will our session be? Will She whip me as forcefully as She has in the past and if so, will i be able to take the pain She administers or will i have to use my safe word?
  4. Will Mistress touch me in a soothing and comforting way, making ever nerve ending in my body come alive?
  5. Will Mistress continue the “training of my ass” by forcing me to take on larger butt plugs than i have in the past? And if so, will i be able to “take it” when She decides to stretch me wider and wider?
  6. Will Mistress beat me into almost total submission like She has in the past, and if so, will i have the strength to take all of the punishment She delivers?
  7. Will She “fuck my ass” and if so what position will i be in when She makes me “Her slut.”
  8. Will Mistress force me to do something during the session that i have never done with Her or any other dominatrix?
  9. Will i follow every directive Mistress Tissa gives me without giving it a moment’s thought?
  10. Finally, will i be able to please Mistress Tissa in every way possible, during O/our session? Will She say those words that i so much want to hear, “slave m, you have pleased Me today!”

i keep thinking of all of these items and more as my session with Mistress Tissa draws near. Each day that passes, after i have scheduled my session with Mistress Tissa, it becomes harder to focus on my task at hand. Then the day comes and i spend the entire day preparing myself mentally for O/our session.

i arrive to O/our session precisely on time (almost to the second). Mistress lets me in and i immediately take in Her incredible beauty. Soon She directs me to Her Temenos, i kneel in front of Her to explain why i have come to serve Her and our session begins. Mistress removes Her high heels and opens a box containing a pair of high red boots that i had gifted to Her. She then allows me to place them on Her feet and lace up Her boots for her. i feel truly honored that i have now been given the privilege of doing something as amazing as putting Mistress Tissa’s boots on Her and then lacing them up. The experience was incredible, to say the least!

Mistress Tissa then directed me to stand in the corner of the room facing the wall. For the next period of time Mistress alternated between administering intense pain and equally intense pleasure. The pain included repeatedly slapping my ass with Her strong hands, while at times using a paddle to intensify the beating. i am sure my ass was turning redder with each slap. Just as the pain would peek, She would move to the pleasure aspect by softly rubbing my ass, thighs and stomach with the now soft and gentle hands that She also possesses. Mistress also pinned me to the wall and rubbed Her legs up and down my thighs and mid-section. She had never done this before and to have her amazing legs rub against me was in a word, unbelievable!!!

But, what i remember the most about this part of O/our session was at one point Mistress stopped and looked down at the floor noticing that i had “drooled” on the concrete floor from my penis. Her directive was clear, get down and “lick it up.” Sometimes i amaze myself with how quickly i follow any order given by Mistress Tissa, without even thinking of what it encompasses. i immediately got on my hands and knees and licked the floor completely clean around the area where I had drooled. Had Mistress said lick the entire floor i probably would have also done that too, without hesitation. The control Mistress Tissa has over me is beyond what i had ever imagined possible.

Next i found myself on my back on Her table with the spreader bar attached to my ankles and my legs elevated in preparation for “my training.” Mistress used three different size butt plugs to “stretch my ass for Her use.” Periodically She does this during O/our sessions, training my ass to take larger and larger dildos. I am Her slut (as She reminds me often) so it is important that i am properly trained for Her to “fuck” when She is in the mood. i would describe the three butt plugs She inserted into me as “large,” “extra-large,” and “somewhat bigger that extra-large.” But, the good news (actually the great news) is that i was able to take them all!

Finally it was time to climb up on Her bondage horse and to get ready to get fucked. For the first time that i was in this position on Her bondage horse, Mistress Tissa placed my head in some type of harness that She then attached to the ceiling. Therefore keeping my head elevated and looking directly into a mirror, while She fucked me. And fuck me She did! Slow at first and then pounding into me over and over again. Mistress reminded me of my pledge to her while she was “fucking” me, and i stated “i am Your slut,” and it is “Your fuck-hole Mistress.” After again serving as Her slut, Mistress was done with me and allowed me to kneel at Her feet for a few minutes before i would be told that O/our session was over. “Kiss each boot one time,” was her final directive. Naturally, i did so without hesitation. Unfortunately, O/our session had to end and i would soon be driving away reliving what had just happened and trying to plan for my next opportunity to serve a most amazing Goddess. i cannot wait, Mistress Tissa!!!