Montréal: Bonjour et Au Revoir!

Though I was only in Montréal for the weekend, I enjoyed Myself.

Probably My favorite thing was being able to practice My French without feeling like I would make a fool of Myself. I frequently spoke something like “Franglais”, a blend French and English, and no one batted an eye because pretty much everyone I encountered fluently spoke both.

Another favorite thing was My visit to the Notre-Dame basilica, which was very beautiful — and inspired Me to finish what I need to do to offer religious play. (Mmm yes, I’m such a blasphemer!)

On My birthday, I got dressed up for a fancy dinner:


Sadly, it was just short of a nightmare. I’ve save the details because they are NOT SEXY.

I also visited a couple of sex shops because that is one of My other favorite things to do when I travel. One was Priape, which caters towards gay men, but has a decent selection of toys and SM gear. I bought a few things, including some interesting new nipple clamps. (I already tried them on Myself, of course. Can’t wait to try them on some of you…)


Montréal, I will be back. :>