more fun with slave m

As i sat down to talk to Mistress Tissa before O/our most recent session i immediately took notice that She was not wearing shoes.  It is hard not to notice Her beautiful feet when they are bare.  From my many sessions with Mistress Tissa, that usually means one of two distinct possibilities.  She is going to allow me the privilege to wash and/or massage Her feet, or She is going to allow me a different privilege and that is to place new heels or boots on Her feet, that i had previously gifted to Her.  Either one of these privileges would have been equally rewarding.  After kneeling at Her still bare feet and explaining to Mistress Tissa why i had come to serve Her, i received the answer to my question.  It was the latter; i would be placing heels that i had gifted to Her on her slender, yet beautiful feet.  Mistress Tissa instructed me to crawl on my knees and to retrieve the shoe box located in another part of Her Temenos.   i was then instructed to open the box, remove one heel at a time and to place them on Her feet.  i did as i was instructed as efficiently as possible and enjoyed every second of my assignment.  After the second heel was placed on Her foot, both She and i stared at Her beautiful feet in Her beautiful new heels.  i am probably biased, because i gifted them to Mistress Tissa, but they looked amazing, and She looked amazing in them.  The best description i could give of the heels is that they had small and large stud spikes all over the shoes with much longer (scary looking) spikes approximately one inch in length on the toes and heel of the five inch high heels.  Actually the heels were a little intimidating when worn by Mistress Tissa.  She could do a lot of damage with those shoes if She wanted to, but i will write more on that later.  During O/our session, every opportunity that was made available to me, i would take peek at Her new heels.  They were a sight to see.  Beautiful, intimidating, exquisite, and unique are all words i would use to describe Mistress Tissa’s new heels.  The manufacturer describes them as “dangerously hot heels” and I concur.

After placing the heels on Mistress Tissa, She instructed me to again stand up, gather up a pillow and to kneel on the pillow facing Her bondage table.  i obeyed.  She then instructed me to raise my arms and She proceeded to tie ropes around my arms and secure them to the ceiling.  Both of my arms were tied and i was required to raise them in the air, exposing my back and backside for Mistress Tissa’s future use.  Next my legs were tied and i prepared myself for what was coming next.  i would be given a beating!  Actually i predicted that this was coming even before i arrived at O/Our session on this day.  On my drive to my sessions with Mistress Tissa, i naturally review in my head what might be in store for me on that day.  Mistress Tissa is extremely unpredictable and i usually guess wrong.  But, during our last few sessions, Mistress Tissa had not been as physical with me and i did not go home as sore as i had in some of O/our prior sessions.  i had a feeling that this session would be different and it would be more physically intense.  It was.  Mistress Tissa used various floggers and whips on my back and ass, with the most intense whip being what she described as a custom made “single tail whip.”  i have felt that one in the past and it stings like hell!  The good news is that although at times it was quite painful, i did not use my safe word.  i am proud of that fact.  What was a little different about this beating is that Mistress Tissa spent some time talking me through the beating and helped me to focus my thoughts and energies in the right direction so that i gained greater enjoyment from being whipped.  i can honestly say it worked and i enjoyed the mix of pain and pleasure more than i think i have in the past.  Oh, the pleasure part was Mistress Tissa rubbing some of my most tender body parts after lashing me with the whip, in order to help soothe the pain.  She is truly a master at bringing instant relief just through Her healing touch.  When Mistress Tissa decided to stop the beating, She untied me and instructed me to get up off of my knees and to climb into the now open cage that was directly in front of me.  Mistress Tissa’s bondage table doubles as a cage when you lift open the top of the table.

After i was instructed to lie on my back inside of my new resting place, Mistress Tissa started to gather more ropes.  i would be tied up again.  She began with my arms being tied to the sides of the cage, followed by my thighs also being tied to the sides of the cage.  Initially i did not understand the purpose of how i was being tied, although i am sure Mistress Tissa had something in mind.  She then looped ropes around my ankles and tied them to the top part of the cage, keeping my legs in the air and my ass exposed.  Then it occurred to me what was coming next.  I would soon (again) become the “bitch” of this demanding and powerful Woman.  My fuck hole belongs to Mistress Tissa and She would again be claiming Her rights to it.  i began to mentally prepare myself for what was to come.  Mistress Tissa finished tying me up the way She wanted and put the finishing touches on me by inserting a ball gag in my mouth and a hood over my head.  At that point various size dildos began being inserted into my ass, one at a time.


i could feel myself being stretched more and more with each new entry.  When one of the dildos was inserted halfway into me, Mistress Tissa asked me a very interesting question, “will you take the rest for me?”  Now, the Democratic National Convention may soon be coming to Philadelphia, but i am sure that the question that was just asked of me was not really a part of the democratic process and my response was going to be completely irrelevant, especially since i could not answer the question anyway with a ball gag in my mouth, which was probably part of Her plan.  Needless to say, the rest of the dildo was pushed all the way into Her fuck hole.  Mistress Tissa put the finishing touches on me by placing a black latex glove on Her hand, collecting all of the precum from my penis and smearing it all over my face and into my mouth.  Naturally, i had no vote in that decision either.

The assault on my ass and the smearing of precum on my face ended and i was instructed to climb out of the cage and stand in the center of the room on a large pad that was placed on the floor below me.  I was then told by Mistress Tissa that i would be allowed to give Her an offering on this day.  So, i began to stroke.  My thinking at that point was that my session would end with a pleasant and rewarding climax.  Wrong!  As i was stroking myself Mistress Tissa decided to have more fun with me.  She began with more lashes on my ass with Her “single tail whip.”  Then it was time to use Her beautiful and intimidating heels.  Mistress Tissa raised her foot and pushed the toes of Her high heels into my cock and balls, just enough to cause a small amount of discomfort and a large amount of fear. Those spikes are sharp, really sharp!    i then convinced myself that i better have an orgasm soon or this could get really bad for me.  So i tried to speed up my stroking until i was ready and then i asked permission of Mistress Tissa.  May i please cum, Mistress Tissa?  And, her response, “no, take your hand away.”  This took place several times, which allowed Mistress Tissa more time to torment me by whipping my ass and pushing the stud spikes on Her heels into my balls and cock.  i asked permission a third or fourth time (i lost count) and finally Mistress allowed me to cum.  Thank you Mistress!  Lick it up, were the next words Mistress Tissa said to me, i immediately got down on my knees and started licking, making sure that i did not miss a single drop.


O/our session ended with me kneeling at the feet of Mistress Tissa and Her praising me for “serving Her well and for taking the pain for Her.”  i love being told by Mistress Tissa that i served Her well.  Before climbing to my feet and preparing to leave Her Temenos, i stole one more glance at Her “dangerously hot heels.”  It was a good day for me!  Mahalo Mistress Tissa!