My Fetishes VI: Diaphanous Clothing

I realized I hadn’t added a post about my own fetishes in almost 3 years !!

Diaphanous means sheer, see-through, and I find it both arousing to see others wear this kind of clothing and also wear it myself.

I find it erotic for a variety of reasons. One, it appeals to voyeurist/exhibitionist desires. Two, I find that it’s often more erotic than a fully nude person because you’re being granted visual access — but not complete access; like a tease. Three, you’re not really supposed to see through clothing, are you? So is it an accident? Am I not supposed to look?

Here are some images I find sexy:

(c) Hayley’s Secrets
(c) unknown
(c) Steven Meisel for Vogue Magazine
(c) unknown
(c) unknown. Some paparazzi guy.
(c) MrMarshallMan

(It’s difficult to find sexy photos of men in see-through clothing !)

2 thoughts on “My Fetishes VI: Diaphanous Clothing”

  1. What an interesting fetish! While I was unaware of its existence, I certainly enjoyed all of the visual examples you so graciously provided.

    Thanks for posting such an interesting topic, and of course for the very erotic pics you provided as examples. Again, thanks for making such interesting posts on this blog, your efforts to educate and entertain us is very much appreciated.

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