New slave: g

I welcomed a new slave to My Temenos this weekend. He was a joy to have.

He spent three hours under My control, but it felt like much less. This is what happens when you’re in Domspace and having fun. What also happens is that you forget to document all the fun you’re having.

The only photo I took? After I groomed his slave cock and balls to My satisfaction:


I neglected to take a “before” photo, but if you look just above his cock, it will give you an idea of the unruly bush I had to work with.

After I was finished, he was perfectly smooth and that much more worthy to be called My slave.

He said many kind things about his experience, but here is what he wrote Me in an email:

“I had a remarkable time with you! You are the perfect blend of complete control, eroticism, and sensuality. I felt as if I [was] under an erotic hypnotic trance. Can’t wait for the next time”

-slave g