New sub today

I welcomed a new sub today.

This sub had never done any BDSM in his life but had wanted to for a long time. I was delighted he chose me for his first experience.

He had purchased a new bra, panty, and stocking set, so I dressed him in that and all while in various states of bondage, he got a spanking, flogging, paddling, and even the first taste of a whip: a single lash of my Devil Tongue. He handled this very well.

*does my magic* “You’ve never been touched like that before, have you?”

sub: “No, Mistress!”

me: “How does it make you feel?”


He asked if he could come back. I said yes.

2 thoughts on “New sub today”

  1. Every session with You is amazing, but the first session has magic that can’t be replicated.

    1. Thank you, sub c! Novelty does have a kind of magic, doesn’t it? But I think there’s another kind of magic that grows from the way that familiarity and trust develops over time.

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