New to Temenos: Kasina

My MindPlace Kasina arrived today:


I decided to get the upgraded pack which included the Ganzframes (middle top). They have a silicone shield which is designed to keep all light out. I know this will be much more effective to reduce any visual distractions than the other frames, which look like dudebro sunglasses (right).

I would like to incorporate this device into sessions where someone is looking for (or open to) a different kind of head trip. The most obvious way would be to combine it with sensory play. That combined with the audio/visual elements of the device could help produce really HOT and powerful experiences.

I’m going to experiment with it Myself before I add it to My interests page and introduce it into a session.

UPDATE: I just tried one of the programs. It was to slow heart rate and breathing. Very cool! Really looking forward to checking all of them out — and making My own.

5 thoughts on “New to Temenos: Kasina”

  1. for someone like myself who can’t be controlled and doesn’t respond to suggestion under stimulation…….:) Just kidding,this sounds really hot!

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