New to Temenos: Straitjacket

Trying to run a professional dungeon and respect my “Consensual Cruelty” ethic can be challenging. It’s difficult to get high-quality gear that is not made of cow skin — but not impossible. (They’re making impressive advances in faux leather. Some feels like the real thing.)

I saw this straitjacket and decided to give it a try:

(this is the back of the jacket)

It has a nice weight. Not as heavy as leather, but satisfying. The leatherette is the soft, supple, buttery kind, so it feels very nice. And it’s lined, so that’s a plus.

It seems to be able to accommodate a 42″ chest/36″ waist/~20″ biceps and still close it. The straps allow to expand out beyond that, so I can probably fit someone larger.

Looking forward to trying this out with some of you…

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