Online Classes

I will be offering some online classes in the near future. The first four topics will be:

Finding The Domme Of Your Dreams

Understanding How You Fit Into BDSM

A Guide To Seeing A Dominatrix: From Searching To Sessions

Security Considerations

Class descriptions are on my Classes page.

I have some tentative dates in mind, but would like to hear from people about what day(s) and time(s) work best.

What would be helpful is knowing what class(es) you’re interested in, if a weekday or weekend works better, and if between 2pm -6pm EST or 6pm – 10pm EST works better. You can either email me or comment here.

If I don’t hear from you, I will schedule according to my preferences.

Another Tickling Beth

Vintage Kink: Medieval FemDom

She ain’t playin

circa 1480 Netherlandish bronze plate of a woman presumably offering some kind of punishment to her husband, whose protest she clearly does not give a single fucke aboute.

UPDATE: More info on this plate here:

Interesting that she is described as imposing a “tyrannical rule”. (Thank you, Thomas!)

Quarantine Update

I have been neglecting my blog and work in general. The truth is: I’m dealing with some depression and anxiety. This has primarily been brought on by our current situation and how it affects my ability to see my clients and meet my own needs, but also other issues which I won’t get into here.

I want to thank those who have booked online sessions, coaching, or pre-paid sessions during the quarantine. I sincerely appreciate it. Though I enjoy distance play with people, I don’t tend to devote a lot of time to developing that branch of my practice, so strongly do I prefer putting my hands on you and looking in your eyes. So, trying to adapt to these times in a way which feels authentic to who I am as a Domme (and while trying to manage this depression) hasn’t flowed as easily as I would like.

As anyone who has struggled with depression knows, your motivation can get completely pulled out from under you. Your mind says, “Do this. You WANT to do this.” But you just can’t make it happen. You feel what I can best describe as emotional paralysis. It’s a very odd and frustrating place to be. That’s what I have been coaching myself through. I feel a little light coming through the clouds, so hopefully you will see more coming from me soon.

In the meantime, I have begun allowing those who have seen me for in-person sessions within the last two years to book on a limited basis. Please see my previous blog post for more info.

Hope everyone is safe and well.

In-Person Session Update (Updated)

Update to In-Person Sessions During the Pandemic

I’ve decided that beginning Friday, May 22nd I will resume in-person sessions with select, existing clients. I am not booking with new clients at this time.

“Existing” means you’re vetted and have had an in-person session with me within the last two years.

“New” means you may or may not be vetted but have not yet had an in-person session with me. If this describes you, I ask you to wait until further notice.

Any existing client who wishes to schedule a session with me may email me with your preferred date, time, and session length, and must agree to a brief screening over the phone. If I determine that you may pose a risk I’m not comfortable taking, I will ask that we postpone scheduling until a later date.

I will not be taking a lot of sessions and will not be seeing any more than one person per day. I also will not be scheduling on consecutive days. This allows me adequate time to disinfect properly. I have always cleaned my dungeon and equipment to high standards, so I honestly don’t need to make a lot of adjustments there, but the space from my front door to the door of my dungeon will be stepped up.

I will be wearing a mask during the entirety of your visit and you must also agree to wear one as well. This is not only for the safety of me, you, and all my clients, but also our family, friends, and all those with whom we come into contact. Transmission rates without a mask are high. Since there are still infected people who are asymptomatic and passing it unknowingly, there is a good chance that eventually one person will come to me who is a carrier, and a good chance that I will get it and pass it to others (including a family member of mine who is high risk). Masks greatly reduce this chance.

There are some activities I will not be doing at this time:

  • oral play (anything that involves an exposed mouth)
  • spitting
  • consumption (including CEI)
  • vacbed
  • multiple parties

If you have any questions you may either ask them here, in comments, or email me privately.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Don’t forget: you can also schedule one-on-one chat or play over the phone, via text, or on cam. While it’s not an in-person session, it is 100% coronavirus risk free. 😉

[Updated to include more detail for those who are asking or wondering.]

The Word “Mistress”

When encountering Dominatrices you will see many of us use the title “Mistress”. While some of us love it, some feel quite differently, believing it is somehow insulting to a woman, her role and value. I want to clear that up.

Mistress is the femme version of Master. It was first used around the 14th century to denote a woman who rules in some way and has power. It is thought to have originated from the Middle English “maistresse”, which stemmed from the Anglo-French “mestresse”, which is the feminine of “mestre” which means “master”. (“Maîtresse” is the modern French derivative.)

As you can see below, this is and has been its primary meaning. The definition of a mistress as an “other woman” came much, much later.


In BDSM terminology, though the word technically has a more specific meaning of a femme assuming the M role in an M/s dynamic, as opposed to a D/s dynamic, it is extensively and loosely self-assigned by women who are professional Dommes and switches, even if they are not engaging in that form of power exchange with their play partners.

Some Dommes don’t like and use the term because they believe it implies they’re somehow subservient to the man or a “side chick”. This is understandable given how it has been used as a pejorative term in modern culture. However, if a woman has many men coming to her, married or not, sometimes doing so at their own peril, how is she subservient? How is she not the one with power? Perhaps the “other woman” meaning is in fact more a reflection of the original definition of a woman who “possesses, own, or controls” than some are inclined to believe. 😉