Pretty Boys and Sweet Sissies

I know you might feel shy. Embarrassed. Maybe even a little silly.

I assure you that you need not.

I know who you are…or who you’re hiding…or who you want to become.

You disrobe for Me.

I move closer to you and present you with a pair of silky smooth stockings or fishnets….

You pull them up, against your skin…

They feel soooo good.

Then, sexy panties glide up and gently nestle your most vulnerable parts.

I slide a pretty garter belt atop your hips…and we attach your stockings together…


Would you like that? Would you like to be pretty for me? Would you like to look sexy for your Mistress?

Do you ache to be My pretty boy? My sweet sissy? My plaything? My slut?

Does it make your cock or clitty throb to know you’re pleasing your Mistress?

Get on your knees, My sweet sexy toy, and…


Good boy…good girl…good slut.

4 thoughts on “Pretty Boys and Sweet Sissies”

  1. Your authentic spirit of inclusion and the absolutely judgement free zone You provide is such a wondrous and special anomaly amidst the hypocrisy of the prevailing moral majority. The world needs more of You and less of them.

  2. Unsurprisingly, You use just the right words, phrases, and sentences to make my eyes start to glaze, my breath take a quick inhale, and my heartbeat flutter. Yours.

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