My throne has arrived

As those of you who’ve sessioned with Me know, I have been using a modest, though very pretty, chair as My “throne”. Though I’ve had opportunities to buy something more stately, I always preferred to divert funds into gear and toys for Temenos. A throne was not high on My priorities.

Back in October, slave john expressed an interest in changing this. Obviously, he believed I deserved something better than My current chair. *grin*

In November, he provided a cash gift for an upgrade.

I considered many different options. Everything from the Ubiquitous Domme Throne (which I genuinely like but all the Dommes seem to have), to different shapes, types of wood, upholstery, etc.

I decided I wanted something that was unique and fit with My dungeon decor.

I looked at a lot of things, but finally found one that felt right….

…and it arrived yesterday!




Strong lines but still elegant. Some lovely carvings in the oak. Beautiful deep, red velvet that matches the couch I have in My dungeon.

I bought it from an antique dealer in Ohio. It’s circa 1880 and was taken from a Catholic church in West Virginia. (Oh, delicious blasphemy!)

Thank you, slave john!!