Monkey Dick’s review

Review from a new client:

I recently had my first session with Mistress Tissa.  It was great!  A first class experience from start to finish.  I appreciated that she took the time to find out my interests and limits, and discussed these with me prior to our session.  Once you enter her dungeon there is no more discussion, you do as she says.

Our session involved a significant amount of CBT, my top interest.  After restraining me in her CBT chair she tied up my cock and balls tightly.  She then proceeded to torture my cock and balls with a crop, floggers, then a cane.  She would start off lightly with each implement and then increase the severity till it reached her desired effect.  One of the highlights of our session for me was the wardenburg wheel, which she used with great skill.  …  Mistress Tissa seemed to enjoy this as it brought a smile to her face.  At one point during the session she had a rope around the base of my cock and balls that she would pull on, jerking it, causing my dick to jump and move around.  She referred to this as a “monkey dick”.

I found Mistress Tissa to be a beautiful and skilled dominatrix.   I was immediately aroused when I saw Mistress Tissa in her black shiny dominatrix attire and stayed that way thorough out the session.  My session with her was an incredible experience.  I very much look forward to serving Mistress Tissa again.

Monkey Dick*

(*his new name)

One of the various things Monkey Dick did not mention is the part where I stretched his nutsack with weights:


He had never had weights on his balls like this before but was able to take 3.5lbs for Me!

Little Visitor

I woke up this morning to find a possum on My stairs…


(I gave him some apple and lettuce.)

Poor little guy was so scared. Probably wondering what the hell he got himself into, sneaking into a house inhabited by two cats.

I’m not sure when he got in, but it must have been through My back patio door, which I sometimes leave open for My cats to go out in the backyard and get some fresh air and sun.

I decided to try to get him out by trapping him in a big, plastic bin that had some more apple at the back, but he was too scared, so I went to get a broom to nudge him into it.

When I went to get the broom, I noticed this:


I guess you have to have balls this big to mosey on into someone’s house! They’re bigger  than some of the ones on you guys! LOL!

Once I had him in the bin, I escorted him outside.

Some facts about possums:

  • They are North America’s only marsupial.
  • Along with primates and humans, they’re the only mammals with opposable thumbs.
  • Contrary to their reputation, they’re not mean. If they’re scared, they’ll show you their teeth, but they won’t lunge and attack you. (This misunderstanding may come from people thinking they’re ugly and that ugly = mean. I think they’re cute.)
  • They are mostly immune to rabies. A wild dog is much more likely to have rabies.
  • They are mostly or totally immune to some snake venoms, such as rattlesnakes.
  • They are helpful at keeping pest populations under control, such as: mice, rats, ticks, cockroaches, and more.
  • In addition to the above, they eat a variety of things, like carrion, snails, slugs, birds, eggs, fruits, plants, and grains. They’re like the sanitation crew of the wild.

So, if you see a possum, don’t be afraid — and certainly don’t be mean to or hurt it. Just leave it alone or give it a bit of food.