Registering With My Blog

There has been a problem with the link that allows you to log in or register. This should be fixed now.

However, I still cannot figure out how to get the registration emails to go through. I’ve asked for help from my blog’s host and my email host. Both are saying the other is responsible for the fact that somewhere in the path there is an obstacle that is not allowing the emails to arrive at the recipients. I’m tech-savvy but this is beyond my ability to troubleshoot.

This should be a work-around:

  1. Go to and create an account directly through them:

2. Come back and see if you’re able to log in (if you’re not already logged in from registering) and comment on one of my posts.

I’ll reply to you if I see your comment come in.

How to Connect With Me

I have only a handful of channels I use.

Aside from my website, I have a new one:


Subscribe to get updates and offers.

I will be adding subscribed clients to a special sub-list with offers exclusive to them. Possible e-mailings: reduced tribute opportunities, demo or practice bottoming, or announcements of my attending events, which may include my looking for a sub or slave to accompany me.

To subscribe, go to the bottom of any page of my website:

Also, if you have not already, you can:

Subscribe to this BDSMlog: I have been regularly updating my blog since its inception 7 1/2 years ago — a rarity with pro Dommes! There is exclusive content here, including: articles written by me and others, photos, longer video clips that you won’t see elsewhere, sexy humor, history, and variety of other kinky and adult-themed content — which will all be emailed to you in digest form once a day. Commenting on my posts is the place you are most likely to engage me. To subscribe: look for subscribe box on right-hand side of this page.

Follow me on Twitter: Nearly anything goes. I may post about a session, testimonial, tips and advice from my long-running hashtags “BDSMinsights” and “BDSMadvice”, my personal life, or other issues interesting and important to me (which may or may not be adult-related). To follow me visit:

Follow/friend me on FetLife: A good place for adults interested in community-type engagement, which is less subject to censorship. To follow me visit:

I do not have:

  • OnlyFans
  • Account at any clip sites
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • any other social media account

Blog Update

I tried reopening comments on my blog and set them to close 5 days after a post. This completely eliminated all the spam I was receiving.

Now, I’m going to experiment with having comments on new posts open for 10 days.

If you like my post or want to say something about it, please leave a comment there. Sometimes people will send me an email with a comment about a post. Don’t do that. I don’t need more email and I’d much rather talk with you about my blog in my blog. Thanks!

Blog Update

A couple of things:

  1. I haven’t been updating this much because I’m honestly not motivated to. I have been putting up a pretty steady stream of content for over 5 years and have never really gotten much interaction. (Thank you to those who have regularly interacted!) So I’m left not knowing how many are actually reading and if this is really a good use of my time. Maybe once this awful, dreary time has passed I will feel inspired again.
  2. I have turned off comments for the time being. I’ve had an increasing amount of spam that I have to sort through and I don’t want to have to deal with it.

UPDATE: I have decided to try allowing comments on NEW posts for 5 days after publication. Since the spammers are usually going further back into my post history it might keep them from commenting.

Subscribing to BDSMlog

If you’re not aware, you can subscribe to my blog and have any posts I make emailed to you. They are sent once a day.

Look over in the right-hand column. There is a form at the top where you can enter the email address to where you’d like them sent. You will be sent an email to confirm your subscription. Nothing besides my posts will be sent to you.

If you were subscribed to my blog before it was moved to a new host you will have to subscribe again.

My list is GDPR compliant and never shared with anyone.

Please let me know if you do not receive the email to confirm your subscription or have any other problems receiving or viewing the emails. I will troubleshoot the problem.