September is My Birthday Month

I love surprises and if you wish to send one here are my top birthday wishes:

  1. Venus (Pro Domme package) $1300
  2. Neoprene sleep sack $570
  3. Eneloop 12-pack of rechargeable AA batteries (it’s on the top of the list) One or two packs. $50 each
  4. Artifice clothing gift certificate A certificate would be much easier than providing measurements for several pieces and risking an error when ordered (and then you having to manage fixing it). Please send to gifts /at/ Mistress Tissa (.) com
  5. Donations to either the Louisiana SPCA or Louisiana Humane Society to support them with their work providing help to animals affected by Hurricane Ida.

Just want to send a tribute? You can do so here:

If you are one of my subs, slaves or sluts and need an address for mailing, send me an email.


Mistress Tissa

New To Temenos: Bondage Chair With Shackles

My other chair was broken, so I needed a replacement. slave john was kind enough to gift me the funds for me to get one for my birthday.

I have been looking for the “perfect” chair for a while, but it doesn’t seem to exist.

Until I commission someone to make the one in my head, I chose this one:


It’s been on my wishlist for years ——— but no more!

While I typically prefer wood, because I prefer the way it looks and feels, metal certainly has its advantages.

I really like the shackles and removable seat cushions:


Mmm, the possibilities… I’m going to have a lot of fun putting you sluts in my new chair!

Thank you, slave john!!


My Birthday Is Coming Up!

Happy September, everyone! My birthday is the 23rd and spoiling me is an absolutely fantastic idea.

Gift suggestions:

  • Anything from the “Featured” section on my Offerings page.
  • Gifts cards to eBay or Etsy. I will also accept Amazon (even though I’m trying to do less business with them).
  • Something from one of my Amazon lists (look in the left column for each list link).
  • Something to add to one of my collections.


Top five sexy things I’d like:

  1. Black Magic XL. Link is under “Featured”
  2. Money toward a new bondage chair. Please send through to GatMT and indicate it’s toward a new chair.
  3. Standing cage. Link is under “Featured”. (If you buy this by the end of the day today, September 2nd, and put “LABOR20” in the discount field during checkout, you will get 20% off.)
  4. Neoprene sleep sack. Link is under “Featured”.
  5. More batteries for Temenos. The specific kind I’d like is at the top of this page.


Some of you do not seem to like buying specific requests from a wishlist (“It’s too impersonal, Mistress”), so here are a few things I collect and that have some room for a more personal touch:

Crystal and mineral specimens. I have pretty broad likes here. Beautiful specimens — of any variety — are a good choice. Buying from a geologist rather than a gemologist is more likely to land something that will be aligned with my tastes. Some of my preferences are: labradorite, large quartz crystal points (Only *natural* not lab grown quartz or cut points, please), 6″+ piece of raw rose or lilac quartz, fluorite clusters or tower cuts (especially red or pink), 4″+ piece of of raw chrysocolla. I’ve also been wanting a big amethyst cathedral geode. If anyone wants to surprise me with one of those, I’d be thrilled. Aside from that, I’m open. I’m okay with something polished or raw. Please no small polished stones (under 1″). I have lots of those.

Fossils. Again, I’m pretty open-minded here. Preferences for fish, plants, insects, and parts of dinosaurs. No trilobytes, please. Petrified wood is great — especially slabs. A palm frond would be amazing.

Money. Not for spending, for collecting. I have a decent amount of post-WWII 20th century US currency, so preferably something pre-WWII or international. I have bills and coins from many countries but it would be too time consuming to try to detail what I have here. A couple of particular interests are: Any coins from Roman or Greek antiquity, and a coin from Elizabethan England, with Elizabeth I on the face, ideally circa 1575-1595. I’m not a snob about condition of anything.

Thank you!

Birthday vacation and more presents

I had a lovely birthday vacation in Aruba…

MistressTissa_beach(the beach at my hotel)

Not really kinky, but look at how sexy that scene is!

My day was made more special by…


More flameless candles and money for a Mindplace Kasina for Temenos! Thank you, slave john!

He also made me a card. It said, “Happy BDay to the Woman who has more power than PECO…who can short circuit my brain with just 2 fingers”  You always make me laugh, slave john. 🙂  (PECO is our local power company.)

Then, I got this email:


Thank you for your gift and sweet note, slut b!! Hope to see you soon!

Then, from a sub who I will finally get to session with in the near future….


Thank you, sub c! Very thoughtful of you!

And then from someone who is absolutely delightful to play with…


Thank you, L!!

I appreciate the gifts very much, everyone!


First Birthday gifts

I received this gift from slave john…


(I blurred his handwriting and typed over it for privacy purposes.)

I received this surprise from a “Long-Time Admirer”…


And I received these thigh-highs and a body stocking from a lovely lady I happen to get to play with tonight…


Thank you, everyone!!!


My Birthday is coming up…

My birthday is one month from today: September 23rd. Whether you’d like to spoil Me silly or send Me a small token of your appreciation, I will be delighted to receive it.


My Top Birthday Wishes


#1. Black Magic XL Fucking Machine, 1400

#2. Mr. S Leather Neoprene Sleepsack, 570

#3. Venus2000, the pro Domme package, 1200

#4. Mindplace Kasina, 360

#5. Drapes for My dungeon, 122 each (any quantity between 1 and 10)

#6. A fabulous costume for decadent role play (it’s a surprise), 500

#7. Etsy gift card to cover a selection of impact toys from a small business, 150

#8. An amazing jacket I have on My wishlist, 140

If you’d like to give one of the above, you can either claim it by:

1. Sending the quoted amount via with the item number in the message field or
2. Contacting Me and I will provide you with a mailing address.

You can also:

Pick one of the many things from from My Amazon wishlist.


Give a gift card which I can pool together to buy something wonderful for Myself. The best options are: Etsy (I have My eye on several things, so this would be great) and eBay (where I love to treasure hunt).

Cash gifts can be sent via or (better for international folx).

Address to use: GatMT

Thank you!

Mistress Tissa

New to Temenos: ErosTek 312

Just added: an ErosTek 312!


For those unfamiliar… Yes, it may look like some kind of CB radio, but this is considered the gold standard in erotic e-stim.

After extensively experimenting on Myself, I’ll be looking forward to using it on you electro-sluts!

This was a very generous birthday gift from slave john.

Thank you, slave john!!!