samantha comes for a visit

I hadn’t seen samantha for a while.

When she asked if she could come serve, I set aside some pretty lacy panties just for her. The panties were perfect for a gurl like her: they had access points for the parts of her I planned on using.

she moaned as I slid them up her thighs.

she moaned as I pulled her girlcock through the hole in the front.

she moaned as I grazed My fingers over her cunt through the hole in the back.

After tying her down and molesting her thoroughly, I put her over My bench, shoved a ball gag in her mouth, and rode her through her muffled moans as copious amounts of drool made its way out from behind the gag. You should have seen the mess she left.


After she was reeling from My relentless pounding, I pulled down her panties and spanked her freshly fucked ass.

Over and over.

Until it was red and tender.


You want to know what happened next?

Too bad! That’s for Me and samantha to remember…