I obscure your face with my hood

(who you are is of no relevance)

I take away your sight

(look deeply into the void)

And then

you wait for…


…my laughter piercing the silence…

…the purr of my voice in your ears…

…my exquisite touch grazing your body…

you melt as I wrap my words and fingers and rope around you.

you are naked and restrained before me.

you feel so vulnerable and exposed.

And then

you tense against the impact.

But you don’t fight me

because you know this is what you need.

Each strike of my flogger pushes you — OUT

Of your shell.


There is nothing between you and me.


You have never felt so free.




slave m recalls another session

my most recent session with Mistress Tissa was 24 hours ago and i am still sore. I never know what to expect in my sessions with Mistress, but this time i was somewhat taken back by the intensity of O/our session. And it was intense! i have always felt like i have a high threshold for pain so it became very clear to me early in O/our session that my pain tolerance was going to be tested by a truly strong and powerful Woman. Mistress Tissa prepared me for the “corporal punishment” that i was about to receive by placing a hood over my head, then blindfolding and gagging me before forcing me to kneel balanced on a padded bench, with my legs spread and my hands locked into a harness above my head. I was not sure what would take place in the next part of the session but I was pretty sure how it would end. I knew that Mistress would have her way with me and there would be no turning back. Several different “instruments of torture” were then used on me, including a cane, a riding crop, and some other type of whip that hurt like hell when it landed on some of my most sensitive areas. i am not sure how long the “beating” lasted but i know i came close several times to using the “safe” word to get Mistress to let up. She did not, and i am extremely proud of the fact that I did not use her safe word and that she later praised me “for taking it like a champ.”


Some of the most memorable parts of the session were the short pauses in between the “beatings” where I would quickly give thought as to what instrument would be used next, where it would land and how much it would hurt. I can also remember how Mistress Tissa softly touched me on the sensitive areas that she just inflicted pain on to help get the blood to flow to those areas and to gain a sense of relief. What she can do with her beautiful hands is amazing. One second she administers incredible pain with them and the next second provides relief through her touch. Finally, I knew what would come next as Mistress alerted me to get ready be her “bitch.” Mistress entered me from behind and proceeded to remind me how much power she had over me and how she would demonstrate it by once again “becoming her bitch.” Not that I had much say in the matter, nor did i want to, truthfully i would have been anything that Mistress wanted me to be during this or any other session.

Thank you Mistress

slave m

slave m must have been in some level of disorientation and subspace because some details of his recollection are inaccurate. For one, I used a variety of implements on him, not just three.