Change in Description: “Rough Body Play”

I renamed “rough body play” to “body domination” on my site.

I did this because RBP really describes ways of expressing physical domination which doesn’t necessarily have to be “rough”. I feel that “body domination” allows for a broader interpretation for the range of sensation possible and better communicates my intent.

Some specific activities I include under “body domination”:

  • hair-pulling
  • kicking
  • pinning
  • punching
  • rough-housing
  • shoving
  • trampling (barefoot or shoes)

(Of course, these, like other activities, can fall under multiple categories.)


Policy change: deposits

Due to an increase in same-day cancellations, effective immediately, new clients without satisfactory professional references who are booking sessions 1 hour or greater will be required to pay a 50% deposit. Clients with excellent professional references will be allowed to pay My standard deposit. (30 minute sessions have their own protocol.)

The reason for this change is of the people who cancel same-day nearly all of them are inexperienced and/or without references. My belief is they do not understand when we agree to session, we are both committing to that session; and just like they expect Me to follow through, I expect them to follow through as well.

When someone cancels on the day of the session it causes Us problems. If these cancellations occur consecutively, the problems increase. While I absolutely welcome new players, I cannot sustain My livelihood by not safeguarding Myself against the these patterns of behavior.

As usual, the deposit is always applied to your tribute in full. This means if you are asked to pay a $125 deposit, all $125 goes toward the total tribute. This policy change does NOT ask you to pay more overall; only put down more to confirm.

My protocol around cancellations and rescheduling remains the same.

THANK YOU to all the clients who follow through on your commitments. You are very much appreciated.

Change to Twitter

I’m no longer allowing locked accounts to follow me on Twitter.

My exceptions are those who are existing clients, friends, and select verifiable adult professionals.

Here’s why I did this:

When a person locks their account, all of their activity is hidden to everyone except those that they have allowed to follow them. While this can be useful if you want to shut out trolls, control your followers, and/or maintain privacy, it also creates a very one-sided relationship where you get to see everything I do, but I can’t see anything you do.

Contrary to what some people might think, your following me does not mean you’re granting me permission to see any of your activity; it just means you can see mine in your feed. So, if you like, retweet, or comment on any of my tweets, I have no idea. Likewise, if you’re doing something like stealing my or other people’s content, I can’t see that either.

tl;dr: locked accounts offer nothing to people who aren’t following them and also have the potential for shady activity. That’s a no-win for me, so that’s why you get blocked.

If you’re a person who was blocked and you want to follow me, you either need to have an unlocked account or send a $35 unblock gift in one of the following ways:

1. Erotifix* (Select “Twitter Unblock Fee”)
2. Etsy gift card to
3. eBay gift card to

Make sure you include your Twitter handle (e.g. @MistressTissa) in the message field, like this:


…and I’ll remove the block. You will have to manually follow Me again.

If you’re an existing client and you were blocked, you do not need to send a unblock gift. Just send Me an email with your handle.

*Erotifix supports international cards

Update: Resuming a 7-day availability

I am once again offering sessions seven days a week.

Originally, I offered it until the demands of grad school made it too stressful. I needed to have a couple days a week where I focused on My coursework.

This is no longer an issue, so I can now accommodate those who would prefer or need to session on a Sunday or Monday.

A few things:

  • My available hours are the same: noon to midnight.
  • At least a 24-hour notice from new clients is still required.
  • Same-day requests are allowed by clients in good standing, but never guaranteed.
  • Always check My schedule for availability before requesting a session.
  • All other protocol still applies.

Birthday discount change (updated)

As of 1/1/2017, the birthday benefit for regulars will change from a 25% discount to a free half-hour. Again, the session must be booked during your birthday week.

For example:

If you book 1 hour, you will receive 90 minutes at My one-hour rate.
If you book 2 hours, you will receive 2 1/2 hours at My two hour rate.

I’m also modifying the definition of “regular”:

Old: someone with whom I have completed a minimum of at least 3 sessions in the 6 months prior to their birthday

New: someone with whom I have completed a minimum of EITHER three sessions in the 6 months prior to their birthday OR four sessions in the 12 months prior to their birthday





submissive appreciation: birthday perks!

If you are a regular* submissive and come to session with Me during the week of your birth, I will give you 20% off the session. This stacks with the discount I offer for sessions that are two or more hours!  As of March 2016, the discount is now 25% and does not stack with the existing discount for sessions two or more hours.

Just show Me your photo and birthday on your ID! (I don’t need to see your name and address.)

*A regular is someone I have seen at least 3 times in a 6 month period.

A Change in Service

Due to the complexity of the law in different parts of the US and world, I am changing my counseling services to coaching.

Though it is legal to offer unlicensed counseling in Pennsylvania, (I have been employed to do so, after all), this is not the case in all states. After being approached for counseling by people outside of my state, I realized that I would rather change the way I offer support than tell people that I could not help them. If you are a resident of PA, I can still offer you counseling.

Protocol Update

I have changed My cancellation and reschedule policy for incall sessions from 24 hours to 12 hours.

This means if you need to reschedule any incall session with Me, I will not penalize you as long as it’s 12 hours in advance. If it’s an outcall session, the 24 hour policy still applies.

Change in availability

Effective immediately, I am changing My availability from 7 days a week to 5 days a week. I will not be scheduling sessions on Sundays or Mondays. I will still try to respond to session inquiries, but if you send one on one of these days, please allow some extra time for a reply.

This is due to My heavy course workload. Once this workload changes, I am likely to open these days back up.