Holiday gift from slave m

slave m asked Me what I wanted for the holidays and since I prefer not to demand any one particular thing and the required cost that goes with it (something I wouldn’t do if I don’t have that kind of arrangement with a slave), I provided him a list of several items which ranged in price, from $600 to $10.

Well, I received a lovely card from slave m today:


He opted not to choose which item to buy but instead sent Me enough for the most expensive, so that I could either buy it or buy a combination of other items.

THANK YOU, slave m!!! you are very good to Me!!!

Another Birthday gift!

Before our session, slave m presented Me with a lovely card filled with kind words and containing yet another birthday gift:mistresstissa_bday3_sm

An offering so that I can get the new bench I want for Temenos! Thank you, slave m!!!

What a wonderful birthday month I’ve had.

I don’t know if this will be My final gift this year, but, regardless, I want to thank everyone for your gifts and generosity! I am truly appreciative!!!

Today’s gifts

Today I received these two pair of sexy, pointy-toed boots from sub james:


Thank you, My sweet bootbitch!

I also received this belated birthday card from slave m with a very kind gift inside:


Delicious, crisp cash for a St. Andrew’s Cross and a bullwhip he knew I wanted! Thank you, wonderful slave m!

Birthday gifts

First, I received this e-gift card to Fetish Factory in the email from slut b:


Thank you, slub b!

Then, this soft and supple, halter leatherette dress from slave m:


Thank you, slave m! (I realize it looks shitty right out of the package, but I tried it on and it’s a very different story.)

Next, this fabulous Sonos speaker for My dungeon:


Thank you, sub james! (Who I’m proud of for showing an act of genuine submission by offering something for My dungeon instead of resorting to his usual weakness for shoes and boots.)

And then a lovely card with crisp cash inside from slave john:


Thank you, slave john!