Clarification: Rescinding Consult Credits

I typically offer some amount of the scene consultation to be applied to a session. I have stated that I reserve the right to rescind this offer if I have to do some unusual amount of work prior to the scene, such as you providing inaccurate information for your references which I then may spend my time helping you sort out.

I want to explicitly include situations in which people are not prepared with their interests and limits. So now you’re aware if I tell you that the $X credit I offer is removed, you can’t tell me you did not understand this could cause that to happen. This is usually an issue with new people.

For suggestions about how to figure out your interests, go to the question “How do I explain what I like? What if I don’t know?” on my FAQ page.

For suggestions about how to figure out your limits, go to my BDSMlog entry Know Your Limits.

If you do not like the idea of your consult credit being taken away know that you have control over this by being prepared when you ask for a scene.

I’m happy to help you figure all of this out, but I will be tributed for offering my time to help you instead of you doing it by yourself.

Protocol updates

I’ve had some shit happen lately which is really boner killing. That means improvements must be made to ensure My satisfaction. you want a satisfied Mistress, don’t you? Of course you do, sluts!

REMINDER: My protocol is that a deposit must be paid BEFORE I do any reference checking or vetting. I have not been strict enforcing this. Now I am, effective immediately.


  1. No more long consults without tribute. If a brief conversation doesn’t suffice, then we will have to continue on a tributed basis. If you want to try to avoid a longer call, spend more time on your app. The more organized and articulate you are, the less I have to do these things for you. This does not mean I want your life story in your app, it just means be clear about what you are and are not looking for.
  2. Deposits are now 20-25% of the total tribute. Nothing else has changed.

Why am I doing this? I have been supremely generous with My time, making a sincere effort to speak with people — sometimes at great length — about their interests, limits, and health considerations, as well as checking references or safely vetting them into the professional circle. Despite the time and work involved, I have done this extensively without asking for any tribute up-front. This is rare in professional BDSM. Some Dommes refuse to speak to anyone without tribute. Now, while most people have been very respectful of My time and prompt to pay deposits, allowing Me to be more lax with this, I’ve had some issues recently which have prompted Me to make some changes to ferret out the disingenuous sluts.