Resuming control of slut b

After a lengthy absence, slut b returned to ask Me to assume sexual control of him. After some consideration, I agreed.

This slut has much to learn…and I may be the only one who can teach it to him.

MISTRESS TISSA. As You commanded this mornings picture of YOUR little dicklet. So tiny as i could not touch it to make it hard. Only You now control if, when. and how i am ever allowed touch it.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving reminding me of how thankful i am that You have taken full ownership of my sexual activity. You are amazingly kind to have allowed me the privilege of Your ownership after i so badly misbehaved. You are truly a special person. i can’t thank You enough. i want nothing but to please You. my actions going forward will demonstrate how grateful i am to You. … As You said to me “just let go and give all the control to You”  i am a very happy and thankful slut today.  Thank You MISTRESS TISSA!!
                                                                                                    slut b