April Opportunities

For the month of April I’m offering some options for time with me but with some reductions in tribute.

Pre-Pay an In-Person Session allows the full tribute for a future session to be paid up-front in exchange for a reduction. The longer the session, the larger the reduction. There is no limit to the amount of sessions you can pre-pay for.

There will be no expiration date on a pre-pay until our current social restrictions are lifted. Once they are, it is likely to be generous.

This offer is for vetted clients only. This means people I have already seen and are in good standing. It does not include new clients.

Payment must be sent via mail. Mailing details will be given upon request.

IM sessions can either be kinky or casual chat. This is for sessions during the month of April. Payment is electronic or via mail.

Coaching is not play. It is more like counseling. For more details about my areas of support, please see my coaching page. This is for sessions during the month of April. Payment is electronic or via mail.

Pro Dommes Business Consultations are for those who are existing or aspiring professional Dominants. The consult is done over the phone and is 1 hour in length. This is for consults during the month of April. Payment is sent electronically.

The rest of my protocol remains the same.

Birthday discount change (updated)

As of 1/1/2017, the birthday benefit for regulars will change from a 25% discount to a free half-hour. Again, the session must be booked during your birthday week.

For example:

If you book 1 hour, you will receive 90 minutes at My one-hour rate.
If you book 2 hours, you will receive 2 1/2 hours at My two hour rate.

I’m also modifying the definition of “regular”:

Old: someone with whom I have completed a minimum of at least 3 sessions in the 6 months prior to their birthday

New: someone with whom I have completed a minimum of EITHER three sessions in the 6 months prior to their birthday OR four sessions in the 12 months prior to their birthday





Give Me your Independence! 20% off bondage sessions from July 1 – 15!



What does “bondage” entail? In short: anything that limits/restrains your senses or mobility. Visit My Interests page and look under “bondage” for more detail.

Are you willing to do other activities in addition to bondage? Yes, but in a limited capacity.

How much of the session must be bondage? Something like 75%. That means if you schedule two hours with Me, about 90 of the minutes have to be spent on bondage.

Can I request others to be included in the session? Sorry, just individuals and couples for this special!

How do I schedule a session with you? Same process as usual: Go to My Contact page and complete a request to session. In it, just mention the special and what kind of bondage you’re interested in. (All protocol and limits apply.)

submissive appreciation: birthday perks!

If you are a regular* submissive and come to session with Me during the week of your birth, I will give you 20% off the session. This stacks with the discount I offer for sessions that are two or more hours!  As of March 2016, the discount is now 25% and does not stack with the existing discount for sessions two or more hours.

Just show Me your photo and birthday on your ID! (I don’t need to see your name and address.)

*A regular is someone I have seen at least 3 times in a 6 month period.