Some Suprises

I love gifts. Who doesn’t??

Some surprises this week…

I have a love for fishnet and I received an assortment of sexy bodysuits from beth:


Thank you for sending me such lovely gifts, beth!!

And then I received this gorgeous 4″ shungite pyramid from greg patrick:


Included was this note:

I wanted to thank you for comforting me in my time of despair.

You’re welcome. I love it! I’m delighted to add it to my mineral collection. Thank you, greg patrick!


What Happens When You Don’t Do Your Job

I gave Samantha an assignment.

She failed.

I decided she had to make up for it.


I brought her to my secret office…

…where I tied her down and taught her a few lessons.


Then, I bent her over her desk and hiked her slutty skirt up.


After I was done with her, there was no mistaking who she worked for.


I made her sign a contract that she will not disappoint me again.


I think she’s learned her lesson.

Goth Fetish

Have you ever fantasized about a Goth Goddess…
…bringing you home to Her dungeon?
….giving you a spanking?
…tying you up?
…treating you with indifference?
…making fun of you?
…whipping you?
…using you in Her occult ritual?


(A quick candid before My new goth fetishist arrived)

I spent many years in the goth/industrial scene and am well versed in the culture. I enjoy scenarios which incorporate dress (especially old school goth), scene music (post-punk, 80s or 90s goth, industrial, EBM), and/or embodying characters (Witch, Ice Queen, etc).

This area is one of My specialties.

Kidnapped and turned into a cock-sucking whore

I was greeted kindly at the door and W(w)e sat down and talked.

Mistress Tissa is beautiful in every way but not to be trifled with, I assure you.

When I wasn’t looking, Mistress gagged and hooded me from behind.

She then dragged me to the basement, stripped me, force feminized me…


and turned me into Her Strap-On sucking little lesbian whore House bitch.


It went on for 3 hours.

If you are a true sub Mistress Tissa is a dream come true.  * * * * !!!

I loved kidnapping this useless dick-wielding male and forcing him to become a her — what he should have been all along! He went from a business-suit-wearing bore to a sexy cock-hungry whore! And I mean HUNGRY. Whether she was on her knees, her back, or straddled on My bitch bench, this rent-a-cunt couldn’t get enough She-cock in both of her holes!

slave m gets whipped and kicked

During my long drive home after my session with Mistress Tissa I could not stop thinking about how utterly intense my session was with Her and whether the beating Mistress had imposed on me would leave marks on my body. Judging by how sore my ass and the back of my thighs were and how difficult it was to sit comfortably in the seat of my car, i guessed that there would be remnants of the last two hours I spent with Mistress Tissa. I was right.

i have had sessions with various Dommes over the past several years and one of my few requirements is that there are no marks left on any part of my body after a session. It has always been important to me that there is no “evidence” that i am seeing a Dominatrix. That was also my agreement with Mistress Tissa, until tonight. It seems that each session that i have with Mistress Tissa gets more intense and that i am expected (actually required) to be able to endure more pain, than i have in the past. Tonight was another example of how that progression continues to take place during our sessions.

Our session again began with me kneeling naked in front of this truly remarkable Woman. Mistress was wearing the red high–wasted latex briefs that i had recently gifted to her. As usual, Her beauty was absolutely breath-taking! i cannot put into words what an honor it is to be able to kneel in front of this truly amazing Goddess and to express to Her why i have come to serve Her on this day. And, the fact that Mistress was wearing the briefs that i had gifted to Her made it that much more exciting.

Mistress then instructed me to stand in the center of Her Temenos as She placed my hands into the two harnesses that would keep my hands and arms extended away from my body and towards the ceiling. She then carefully worked a ring around my balls and attached two weights on the ring stretching my balls out for her enjoyment. i was required to wear this during the next part of our session. It was the next part of the session that led to one of the most intense physical experiences that i have ever had with a Domme and one that i am sure i will remember for some time.

Mistress Tissa instructed me to kneel on a pillow and to rest my torso on the sofa and to get as “comfortable as possible.” Then my beating began. Mistress rotated between the left and right side of my ass and thighs using various instruments of torture. The two that i remember the most were a rubber whip and a long cane of some type.   Judging by how hard Mistress was hitting me and the intense pain i was feeling, i knew for the first time during a session with Mistress Tissa, that She would leave marks on me that would last for some period of time. Prior to the beating, Mistress Tissa asked me if i would be willing to be marked. i actually surprised myself when i responded yes without hesitation. i always believed that i would never allow that during a session, but i have now come to the distinct realization that i am almost powerless to say no to Mistress Tissa. i would do almost anything for Her. As Mistress continued “my punishment”* and the pain intensified, i thought i would have to utter my “safe word” to get Her to stop. But at the height of my beating, Mistress whispered comforting words to me and touched me delicately where the pain was the most intense. Her touch is absolutely amazing! Through her soft mesmerizing words and Her healing touch, i was able to gather the strength i needed to continue to allow Her to continue Her assault on my ass.


Next Mistress Tissa instructed me to lay on my back as she pushed my legs open with her heels. The next five minutes brought more pain and some terror as she proceeded to kick me in the groin over and over again. i have never had this done to me in such an intense manner and honestly i was somewhat scared that Mistress was going to really hurt me. But, i have come to learn that Mistress Tissa has the knowledge and training of knowing exactly where your breaking point is and bringing you right to the edge and then stopping Her onslaught. As the pain (and terror) intensified with each kick to my balls, i mistakenly uttered the phrase “oh god.” That was a mistake that displeased the only true Goddess in the room, Mistress Tissa. As punishment, Mistress instructed me to keep my legs open for the three lashes she would be administering directly onto my cock and balls with the rubber whip. When the flogger landed directly on my penis, the pain was beyond description! After the whipping, Mistress Tissa again touched me with Her healing hands helping me to find relief in Her soft touch. Our session ended with me lying on my back and Mistress Tissa sitting in her chair and resting her legs on me while taking photos of my service as Her footstool.


i could not help by stare up at Her, very adoring and very sore! i wish i could have stayed there under Her for several hours staring at Her, but my time was up.

i am not sure what the next session will bring with Mistress Tissa, but i do know that i cannot wait.

slave m

*slave m’s punishment was actually on behalf of the maker of My latex briefs. The seller, who is in Spain, said he mailed them out on December 10th. When I received the package, the postmark said December 16th. Of course, someone had to be punished for the lie. Because I could not punish the maker, I punished slave m.

slave m’s training continues

Periodically during our sessions, Mistress Tissa reminds me that She is training me to take larger and larger instruments inserted into my ass. O/our most recent session was another day in training. Early on in O/our session, Mistress Tissa made Herself comfortable on Her sofa and then instructed me to lie face down across Her lap. She then proceeded to push anal beads into my ass one at a time mixing both pain and pleasure with each bead She inserted. I will do anything Mistress Tissa asks of me during a session, so allowing Her full access to my ass for training is something i will always do…

…The training did not end there. i was instructed by Mistress Tissa to climb up onto the table and to stay on my hands and knees in preparation for again becoming a “slut” for Her to use.


Mistress then knelt behind me with Her strap on and rode me for five minutes reminding me several times that i am Her slut and i belong to Her…