Beth is a tickle slut

Beth has been coming to me for about 7 months now.

She’s a tie and tickle slut. However, she has told me she is open to trying new things and trusts me to make the decisions about what they are and when I do them. I absolutely love this type of freedom and introducing people to new ways to play.

During our last session, I moved her into different positions for my sadistic tickling pleasure. Here’s when I had her face down, with toes tied firmly to the cage:


(Did you notice her red bottom in the shadows? I had just finished paddling her.)

I pushed her into exhaustion this time. She was practically choking from laughing so much.

It’s difficult for me not to fully indulge in continuous torture because she is honestly SO FUN to tickle! Her squeals and gasps and torrents of laughter are hilarious and infectious.

During her visit, she presented me with this wonderful gift:


Foot stocks and a pair of tickling implements for Temenos!!

She truly must have read my mind because I had been searching for some good foot stocks for several months now. However, I haven’t been satisfied with what I’ve come across. They were either not made well enough, incorporated leather (which I don’t use), or I just didn’t like them aesthetically.

This one is perfect! Very well made, vinyl around the padding instead of leather, and has that medieval look I dig.

Of course, beth is clearly a gluttonous masochist. Why else would she gift me something which I will be locking her into, and from which she will not be able to escape, the next time I have her in my dungeon?

THANK YOU, beth!! Looking forward to our LONGER THAN USUAL session next time! *maniacal laugh*