Gifts and a note about sending them

More food for the both the colony outside and my girls inside:

Thank you, slut michelle!

And then in anticipation of our adventure, T sent me this PVC cincher and a candle that smells absolutely divine:

Thank you, T!

ATTENTION & ACHTUNG: If you send me a gift and have provided identifying info with it, I will send you a message to you to confirm its receipt and to thank you. If you see your gift was delivered and have not heard from me within a week, PLEASE EMAIL ME. I had someone buy me something, I had no idea they did, and I never received it. Then, several months later they asked about the gift and we discovered there was a problem. It ended up with the person losing money!

Mystery Purchase #1

I have a new service opportunity for subs and slaves: MYSTERY PURCHASE!

I will choose something that I would like to receive as a gift. I will not tell you what it is, but you will get hints. The type and cost of item will vary.

If you buy it for me you will receive a custom video featuring the purchased gift. This video will be for you only. I will not post it anywhere else, ever. (I expect you to honor this on your end, also.)

Mystery Purchase #1 Hints:

1. Footwear
2. A top, high-fashion designer
3. Sexy Fetish Vibes

If you wish to purchase this for me, send a $420 eBay gift card to gifts / at / mistress tissa / dot / com


I received this lovely bra from my wishlist from “bn” and a bottle of my favorite lube from “yearns to serve”:

Here’s a peek of what it looks like on. You’re welcome.

I suspect you’re the same person, so thank you, bn! If not, thank you, yts!

slave john knows I love La Croix and showed up with a case of it on his shoulder:

Thank you, my pig! Great flavors for spring.

I also received another case of cat food from slut michelle for the strays I feed:

Thank you, again, slut michelle! This is incredibly useful as I go through so much food every month and Friskies is currently having supply issues.

Another gift from my list

The very thoughtful sub c sent me a Jag harness from my wish list:

You lucky fucks get to see a candid of me in my underwear, trying it on with one of my newest cocks:

Like the other harnesses I have from Aslan, it’s strong and well made. It can easily handle a big dick like this. I just had to put a bigger O-ring to accommodate its girth.

I love it! Thank you, sub c!

Various gifts

Some of the thoughtful gifts sent to me recently…

Another care package from Slut Michelle for the homeless cats I feed:

This is always appreciated as I go through ~120 cans a month (not including my own adopted cats).

Thanks, again, Slut Michelle, They will love it!

A holiday gift from sub t with a lovely note attached:

sub t, thank you! I hope you are able to serve me again soon, too.

Cute cards with enclosed gifts from slave john:

Thank you, slave john! I love that you manage to find all the pig cards that anyone has ever made.

I had asked who was going to delight me with the amazing Tamron lens from my wishlist. The answer is: Slut Michelle!

She’s a beauty! Looking forward to trying her out.

THANK YOU, Slut Michelle!!

And this just in! Yes, literally, as I was typing this page out, Slave James W sent a thoughtful gift and kind message:

Thank you, Slave James! Your kind gesture and words did cheer me up.