Happy Thanksgiving

What an amazing year this has been. The Universe sent me so many wonderful people with whom I created some truly extraordinary experiences.

I have welcomed several new people to Temenos, from those who’ve played for decades to people who had only experienced BDSM as fantasies in their mind.

I am especially grateful for:

  • My dedicated subs, bottoms, and fetishists
  • All the new players who chose me for their first professional BDSM experience
  • All the generosity I have received. Not just in the form of material gifts, but in the form of energy during our scenes. I am continually honored, humbled, and in awe by the way someone who met me moments ago allows themselves to be vulnerable and trust me completely.

Thank you, everyone! I wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

Giving Thanks

This has been an up and down year for Me. Ultimately gratifying, but unpredictable. This comes with being a pro Domme full time.

Never really knowing what’s around the corner makes Me especially grateful of those who have shown support of Me and what I do in tangible ways.

While I always appreciate those who engage My writing, photos, jokes, rants, etc and extend their compliments, it’s those who show Me they are willing to offer more than just words by booking a session (whether it was one or thirty), offering a gift, or sending a tribute. Because as sweet as compliments can be they aren’t what allows Me to continue the joy of being a Dominatrix and share these amazing experiences with you all.

So, I want to sincerely thank all of you who have done just that.

Extra Special Thanks goes to:

slave john, an incredibly thoughtful and generous person who has offered things to Me, My cats, My home, My dungeon, along with many heart-warming words, and who I am absolutely delighted chooses to visit Me.

slave m, who, despite not serving Me in-person anymore, continues to send many wonderful gifts and exceedingly kind words.

sub p, whose kind, gentle soul and amiable demeanor provides soothing relief — both in and out of the dungeon — in an otherwise demanding and stressful line of work.

Luke, who wrote a very touching review of our amazing session, shows support through Twitter by commenting on and retweeting My thoughts, and sent a lovely birthday gift.

pauletta, who has been a support for almost eight years now, and who sends lovely gifts to Me.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Mistress Tissa

The kindness of slave john

When slave john comes to session, he usually brings a gift or three with him. Usually his gifts are very practical, which I appreciate because it shows Me he’s thinking about what might be useful to Me. Some of his gifts have included a case of My favorite mineral water, items for My home, and even toys for My cats.

This last time he bought a few things: a large paddle, like a over-sized ping pong paddle, made of a hard wood (a very nice fit into My impact toys); a couple of masks for role play, and a small stool which could make a nice DIY project and addition to My dungeon.

In addition to that, he offered to reimburse Me for My tickets to the Roger Waters show here in Philadelphia!


I don’t normally like when people buy Me random things, but slave john is paying attention and in-tune with the kinds of things that make sense for Me.

Thank you for being so wonderful, slave john!!!

Happy Arbitrary Marker Of Time!

It’s hard being a postmodernist and wishing people a “Happy New Year” knowing it’s relative and largely symbolic, but…

Happy New Year to everyone!

While there was an awful lot of turmoil, loss, and surprises this year, I had many excellent, fantastic, thrilling, cathartic, and transformative moments with many of you.

Here’s to more of the good stuff and less of the shitty stuff!


Giving Thanks

I’d like to express My gratitude to each and every person who decided to come to Me for a session or coaching in the past year.

Some of you only came for one session, whether you just wanted to see what I was about, get an itch scratched, were passing through in your travels, or couldn’t afford more: THANK YOU!

Some come when you can, and knowing that some of you “wish [you] could come more often”, I am appreciative that you do choose Me when the time comes: THANK YOU!

Some of you come regularly, and I really enjoy getting to know you individually and our continued exploration of kink together, so: THANK YOU!

I also am grateful for all the gifts I have received — big and small — from those of you I know more well to those I have never met and have sent things anonymously. From clothes to shoes and boots to things for home, My dungeon, and My cats(!) to money. THANK YOU!

I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday!


Mistress Tissa




Happy Day of Thanks

Today I am thankful for each and every person who has made the choice to session with Me this year. Whether someone comes to Me regularly or has only come once. THANK YOU.

I also want to thank each and every person who has given a tip, brought a gift, or sent one to Me in the mail. I am humbled by your thoughtfulness, kindness, and generosity. THANK YOU.

Lastly, I am grateful that I am able to make a living doing something I love. To create experiences for Myself and others, to explore sensations and headspaces, and to help people experiment with and understand themselves, feel accepted, and find happiness and joy. THANK YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


I have been really busy. This is a good thing.

I just want to take a moment to express gratitude for all the gifts, compliments, support, and especially to My clients for being so wonderful.


Mistress Tissa