Meeting Heather

One of My favorite things about being a Dominatrix is offering a space for people to be themselves without fear of being judged. I believe feeling safe to be one’s self is essential to people’s well-being – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. So, when people come to Me believing that I am someone who they can feel safe with, I feel deeply honored.

This month I had an especially gratifying experience offering a much needed safe space to an absolutely lovely femme, Heather. She had been repressing some fundamental aspects of herself, like many of us do at some point in our lives. But, after bringing her back from an impulse to cancel, which I believed was coming from fear and not a change of heart, she came to Me for her very first session with a Dominatrix.

Sometimes what I imagine a session might be like is not quite how it ends up being. This was one of those sessions. When I had her stand in front of Me, the bottled-up emotion was palpable. It only took the slightest touch and a few carefully chosen words to feel her tremble and sigh, “that feels incredible”. There was a lot in there that I sensed wanted out. I knew this session was not going to go as I planned.

I decided to scrap the bulk of what I had envisioned and use the Zen approach. The next two hours encompassed dressing, introspection, makeup, confessions, bondage,  discovery, spanking, and back again. The mood moved from casual, to sensual, to poignant, to very sexy. It was one of those sessions that leaves Me feeling especially energized and reminds Me that I’m doing important work.

The next day, I received this email:

Thank you very much for our conversation yesterday.

i loved my experience and will be reaching back to you

I sent you a “thank you” gift …

You brought out the real me  – and it felt good.

Thank you


Her generous gift came next:


Thank you, Heather!! I was a delight meeting and playing with you!