Six- and Eight-Hour Sessions

I thought I’d explain how my longer sessions work, in greater detail than is elsewhere on my site.

My in-person sessions begin at one-hour in length and go up to eight hours. I currently do not offer any more than an eight-hour session. (This may change in the future.)

My six and eight-hour sessions both include a two-hour break for us to dine together. Meaning, a six-hour session is four hours of play and a two-hour meal break, and an eight-hour session is six hours of play and a two-hour meal break. In both instances, you will graciously cover the costs of our meal and any necessary transportation to and from the restaurant. Accounting for any need you may have, I usually choose the restaurant, but am open to your recommendations. The only criterion I have is that it suitably accommodates a meatless diet.

Dining with me can range from causal to an M/s dynamic. This means we can simply take a break from play and enjoy each other’s company without any power exchange (you’re still dining with a Dominant woman, however!) or we can include power exchange and some play. What kind of play is something you and I will negotiate, but will not be something that will risk arrest or being removed from the premises.

If you wish to dine in at my home, this is possible but at my discretion. Meal costs are still covered by you and the break is still two hours.

For those who do not wish to dine together and would like six or eight hours of play, I recommend booking either two sessions on the same day or consecutive days. The reason you need to book two sessions is because I don’t conduct scenes that run longer than four hours in length. After four consecutive hours of play I need a break. If not to eat something, to just rest my mind and body for a little bit.

What would booking two sessions look like?

If, for example, you wanted six hours of play, you could book a four hour session and a two hour session; or two, 3-hour sessions. These sessions need to have at least two hours between them.

If you wanted eight hours of play, you would need to book two, 4-hour sessions. They would need to have at least four hours between them. (I recommend you staying overnight at a hotel between each session for some fun possibilities.)

At the conclusion of one session, we would part and have our break separately. After our break, I would welcome you back and we would continue with the second.

Each scene can be related to one another thematically or be completely different. When applicable, I will make my recommendations about the length of each and in what order they would best occur.

Tribute is for two scenes. There is no additional discount on top of the discount I already offer for multiple hours.

If you have questions, please feel free to comment here.