More surprises

More lovely surprises from my wonderful submissives…

A big bag of dry food for the stray cats and more high-capacity batteries for my dungeon:


Thank you, beth!!

And then I received some packages without the gift-giver’s name included… from james…

A case of kitten food and a candle that smells delicious as fuck:


and then these sexy heels:


Here’s a quick shot of them on my feet:


Thank you, mystery giver james!!

Winter Solstice gifts

I received a lot of amazing gifts this year.

First, an item I had *just* put on my wishlist either the day he bought it or the day after…


A set of beautiful hand-made Moroccan espresso cups and saucers. (To go with my new espresso machine.) Love them!!

And then…


5 pair of beautiful black thigh-highs! Between this and the others I’ve received recently, I am set with stockings for a while.

Thank you, james!

Then, I received this garment steamer (which will be very helpful smoothing out backdrops for photos)…


…and always useful gift cards!


Great timing on the Lowe’s card. I need some hardware!

Thank you, beth!

Next, I received a card with a generous cash gift of money to spend (not pictured) and also money for my collection…!


These are uncirculated bills from various countries, including China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.

And also these…


Various old U.S. bills! I’m especially in love with the $20 bills from 1934 (upper right).  I don’t have any of those and they’re fascinating as they almost look counterfeit because of the way the ink appears on the paper.

Thank you, slave john!

Then, I got actual kinky comics!


Including the very first Kinky Comix I posted of Star Sapphire commanding Superman to kiss her boot (lower left). What a cool surprise! (An interesting coincidence is that the Lois Lane in the lower right was going to be my next Kinky Comix post…and now I have the actual comic!)

And then…


Some wonderful latex — including a very sexy dress I had on my wishlist for 7 years!

Thank you, Admirer!

Next, a gift card from sub c…


…with a lovely note attached. An excerpt: “I wanted to send you something (attached) in appreciation of your talent and skill and (if I’m honest) somewhat as an excuse to let you know how often I continue to reflect on our sessions and their meaning to me. … I can’t thank you enough for what you do.

Thank you, sub c!

And finally…


A card with a lovely gift inside.

Thank you, Monkey Dick!

I also received several thoughtful messages from other subs who sent me warm wishes for the holidays.

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughtfulness and generosity. You made my Solstice very special. xo!




Testimonial from james

I had a very erotic session with james, which was over far too quickly for My liking. I was getting lost in creating a particular experience for him and really enjoying Myself. So much that I lost track of time and went over. Imagine My dismay when I took a glance at the time, it was up, and he appeared to be lost in space. I wasn’t ready to bring him back. (I wouldn’t have if he didn’t have to go back to work…)

Afterward, he wrote this to Me:

“Mistress, i don’t know if i can put into words recapping today’s session. i need to try so please bare with me if i am all over the place.

i was uncertain of where You were going with today’s session when i first arrived a few minutes late. You wanted to go over my soft and hard limits so in my head i thought You might use them. i was wrong. Being a little scattered brained the past few days with work and life in general, i really was looking forward to this session. … i [am] completely honest in [that] it is a joy to serve You Mistress Tissa.

You instructed me to the table to lay on my back. Watching you prepare the ropes had me in awe. Your hands took over and before i knew it i was hog tied and completely exposed. You slowly started your magic on me and just took me to a subspace i haven’t experienced in many years. Thank You.

Every aspect of the session was amazing. i am glad You allowed me to serve You. It is an honor Mistress Tissa.

Until the next session … keep being Amazing.”

Good to know the feeling was mutual!

Thank you, james. I look forward to our next experience!