Gift catch-up

I’ve received many lovely gifts in the past few months.

Some gifts cards, including this one from slut b, addressed to “Someone Very Special”… 🙂


Food for the colony of strays I care for, like this huge bag of cat food and case of wet food from slave john and a case of kitten food and some litter from beth…



beth has sent me several other lovely things as well. Like packs of incense and crystals. For those that don’t know, I constantly burn incense and I love and collect both raw and polished rocks — especially crystals. (And a bonus pair of panties!)



Seeker just came for another session and bought a couple of cases of my favorite La Croix water.

Add to this wonderful list various cash gifts tucked in sweet cards expressing gratitude.

That’s right, everyone, I’m not into diamonds and fur (ew and ew). Give me a nice piece of quartz or labradorite or moonstone or… (I could go on), some amazing incense, and some refreshing sparkling water and I’ll be a happy Domme. 🙂

Thank you, everyone!!


Gifts for the Cats

The cats have gotten some love lately!

I received these two cases of cat food and some catnip from d:


Sprinkling the nip out on the patio for the strays is especially entertaining. They go from anxious to writhing around like they’re on E.

[wpvideo iiiwwDix]

Then I got a case of food from slave john shortly followed by a case of food for the kittens and litter from beth:


All the kits meow you their thanks!!!



More surprises

More lovely surprises from my wonderful submissives…

A big bag of dry food for the stray cats and more high-capacity batteries for my dungeon:


Thank you, beth!!

And then I received some packages without the gift-giver’s name included… from james…

A case of kitten food and a candle that smells delicious as fuck:


and then these sexy heels:


Here’s a quick shot of them on my feet:


Thank you, mystery giver james!!