Online Class: BDSM 101 – Foundations

BDSM 101: Foundations

Wednesday, August 12th 5pm
60 minutes

This isn’t your average 101 class!

I will NOT be covering “this is what spanking is…and this is what a piece of rope is…” I will instead provide a rich and in-depth discussion of various concepts fundamental to BDSM but are often confusing and misunderstood. This will provide a rock-solid foundation for genuine understanding and improved play and for beginners and experienced players alike. Some concepts include:

  • Understanding the difference between BDSM and abuse
  • Dominant/submissive & Top/bottom: how they differ from one another and why they are commonly confused
  • What is fetishism and how does it affect me
  • “Topping from the bottom” is real but it has nothing to do with topping
  • Fantasy or Reality: why you need to know where you’re at

Length: 60 minutes
Cost : $20

To register please visit my classes page and click on the Buy Tickets link under the BDSM 101 class.

The event will be held on Crowdcast.

slave m says goodbye

With great sadness, slave m has told Me that he no longer is able to continue serving Me. Here is his last entry.

After every one of O/our sessions i have taken the time to write a summary of my experiences during that particular session.  This time i have decided to take a different approach and instead take this opportunity to thank You for allowing me to serve You as i did for the past year and a half and for being an absolutely  amazing Dominatrix who far exceeded anything i could have expected and/or anticipated over that period of time.   As always, You may do whatever You wish with my writings, although i am not sure that this one will read well in Your BDSMlog.  But, it is important to me that i share my thoughts with You.  First, i would like to thank You on numerous levels.

Thank You for always being so thorough and professional while allowing me to serve You.

Thank You for the tremendous care that You took in making sure that every session was conducted in a safe and sane way.

Thank You for clearly communicating Your expectations of me, so that i could serve You in ways that were extremely enjoyable for me and (hopefully) enjoyable for You.

Thank You for helping me to never feel rushed during a session and for always taking the time to make sure that i was physically and emotionally ready to efficiently serve You on that day.

Thank You for being so creative and resourceful during O/our sessions.  i visited You on numerous occasions over the past year plus and i can honestly say that no two sessions were ever alike.  Your creativity was amazing and Your imagination during O/our sessions was limitless.

Thank You for being so thorough in all aspects of BDSM.  You are a true professional in every way possible.

Thank You for being so open and honest with me.  i have learned to trust You in every way reasonably possible which made serving You that much more gratifying.  i know that i am very biased towards You (sorry i can’t help it), but i truly believe that You have mastered Your chosen profession*.


A few more final thoughts:

It is quite obvious to anyone who sees you in pictures or in person that You are incredibly beautiful, and i am sure You are told that quite often.  During O/our sessions i can honestly say that You often took my breathe away, both literally and figuratively.  But, from my perspective, You are equally beautiful on the inside.  I mean that.  It is obvious to me that You truly care about others and that comes across in both words and more importantly in actions.  On top of that, i have always felt respected and valued as a slave/submissive to You.

i know that during our last session You made a noticeable attempt to incorporate activities that i enjoyed the most.  Please do not get me wrong because i enjoyed that session very much, but honestly speaking, the most enjoyment for me came from serving You exactly the way You wanted to be served.  i hope You know that!  i guess one way for me to explain it to You is to tell You that i loved every single activity that W/we did during O/our sessions, but maybe i loved some more than others.

You have asked me if i read a particular piece that You may have written in Your BDSMlog.  Honestly i have read every piece that You have written, some numerous times.  i enjoy connecting with You in every way possible.   Actually i have a favorite piece that You wrote and here it is, “while nearly everyone who calls themselves slave is only fetishizing it, slave m exemplifies it.  he NEVER makes any requests for O/our sessions, but gratefully accepts whatever I decide W/we will be doing that day; he regularly sends or brings me wonderful gifts; and he is exceedingly well-mannered and humble.  I am a VERY lucky Mistress to have slave m!”  i guess You know why that is my favorite piece.  But, with all due respect Mistress Tissa, You are wrong, i am the LUCKY one for having served a most amazing Dominatrix!  Serving You was beyond anything i could have possibly imagined.


*I have not, but an adoring slave is going to believe his Mistress has done so!

THANK YOU for your kind, thoughtful, selfless, and generous service, slave m. I will miss you greatly!

slave david returns…

…to offer his service to Me again.

After having a discussion about the levels of service one can offer, I instructed him to prepare the table. I was going to have him show Me whether he was a submissive or slave.

I applied layers of bondage to his body. No requests or complaints. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I prepared his nipples for My amusement.


Look at how they reach up, aching to be touched tortured.

Could he handle the fierce grip of forceps?


Am a pleased to say that, yes, he passed that test. No requests of complaints.

Then, I led him to My bench, where I administered many stokes to his ass with various implements: My hands, various paddles, and canes. Again, no requests or complaints — even when I tested him by offering him a choice between a silicone paddle and The Punisher. When I made a suggestion, he only said, “Yes, Mistress.” No requests or complaints.

So, on this evening, david showed Me that he indeed was My slave. By making no requests, he showed Me he was here to serve, not to be served. By making no complaints, he showed Me he was the slave to My Mastery.

His reward was that he was allowed to give Me an offering, right beneath My feet.


Oh, and he also brought Me this:


…accompanied by a thoughtful thank you card!