Testimonial from Beth

Beth wrote this lovely testimonial about her experience with Me on Max Fisch:

“i am a complete novice to all of this. Have had long held “dirty little secret” of being excited and fascinated by tickling that i never revealed to anyone before, and so had never had considerable real time experience. Have also struggled with anxiety, personal space / intimacy issues most of my life, and really wanted to try something to push past all my self imposed boundaries. i finally decided to try and schedule a 1 hr session with Mistress Tissa, to finally experience this long held fantasy, a ‘bucket list’ item. i completed her comprehensive application and followed through with the required phone call interview. i was beyond nervous and could barely speak coherently, but Mistress guided me through the phone conversation, suggesting the addition of spanking to the session to mix things up. i had never even thought about that, have always been so focused on tickling, but for some reason, i agreed, and we scheduled a session. Before the session, i sent her an email explaining my nervousness and some things that had come up for me since our last phone call. She suggested a pre session coaching phone call, to help me be better prepared for the experience. When i arrived for the session, i was shaking and nervous and barely able to speak. Mistress was unbelievably kind and talked me through my nerves before we transitioned down to her dungeon. Mistress managed to establish very clearly Her Dominance, strength, and control of the situation. And although i was unbelievably nervous, bashful and intimidated, She also made me feel safe and protected. The one hour session flew by, and in spite of myself, i had managed to let go, at least partly, and experience it. When i left, i knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that i wanted to go back again. i could not believe how incredible i felt afterward, how much She had gotten inside my head and pushed me, it was incredible. i knew i had to go back, at least one more time, to make sure it wasn’t some kind of fluke. i had another phone coaching session with Her before the second session, to discuss my initial experience and talk about the next.

i have had now had the privilege of two sessions with Mistress Tissa, and have just scheduled my third. It was no fluke. my second session was 2 hrs, and She again exceeded all my wildest expectations, clearing my head, quieting the noise, and forcing me into the moment. i left that session with my head spinning and feeling better than i had in weeks.

i plan on continuing to session with Mistress Tissa as i continue to work on pushing through boundaries and getting closer to being my authentic self. i did not expect to care so much about what She thought or even really considered that i would want to serve Her. But when She told me i did well at the end of the session, i was ecstatic that i had pleased her.
i realized i do want to serve her, and give up control to her, to regain control in my life. Mistress is so intuitive, so good at what She does, that She has brought out interests i didn’t even know i had. i am convinced that continued sessions with her will be a life transforming experience. And unbelievably fun and exciting too. i am in awe of her strength, intelligence, uncanny intuition and her high ethical standards. She is an intimidating force to be reckoned with in all the right ways. Don’t walk, RUN and request a session with Mistress Tissa right away!”


Correcting Luke

I welcomed Luke to Mistress Tissa’s Correctional Training Program this week.

He made a very good impression by bringing this charming card:


…and inside was a lovely note of appreciation and tip:


This is one of My specialties: training the insolent male.

Given the extent of his condition, I did not go easy on him.

He needed a thorough work-though of his mind and body. He needed to know the errors of his ways.

When all was said and done, I think I made an impression on him.

“I am at a loss for words.

Okay, that’s a complete lie. I’m overflowing with words, emotions, and sensations – to such an extent that whatever I would write would probably sound over the top. Mistress Tissa has already taught me the folly and consequences of running off at the mouth, so let me be brief:

Mistress Tissa is absolutely incredible, exemplifying the title of Professional Domme. Her pre-session screening was extremely thorough and thoughtful, and established a great deal of mutual respect and trust between us. Having been…uhhh…around a bit, I already found this to be unique, notable, and very welcome. By the time I arrived, I really had no questions or concerns – just anticipation and excitement.

That excitement was fully justified.

It quickly became apparent that Mistress Tissa had read me like a book – which is uncanny, because sometimes I feel like I struggle to understand myself. Our session was so fluid, natural, and powerful that I’m still shuddering from the crescendo. I thought I was prepared, but Her height and beauty are intimidating and distracting, Her methods are devious, and Her presence is all-encompassing.

I have only begun to learn my lessons at Her feet. I humbly submit to whatever correction and humiliation She deems appropriate for the further expansion of my consciousness.




[Source: Max Fisch]


Max Fisch

I’ve had some people ask Me about Max Fisch and why I’m not listed on the site or involved with its forums. The answer is that I’ve asked to be listed and never received a reply, so I gave up. I first asked in March of last year. I saw an update, but Mine was not included. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any listed updates since. The site seems to be abandoned by its caretakers.

As far as the forums, the interface is archaic, glitchy, and, frankly, ugly. Who wants that? I prefer FetLife; although in the 8 years I’ve been using it, they’ve made few significant changes — and they could really use some. (Too busy being perverts, I guess.) Domina.ms is trying to recreate the same forum as Max Fisch, but, again, using the same old interface. Again, I’m not inspired to use it when FetLife is more modern and easier on the eyes.

I’m listed in all the other more well-known directories anyhow. If people are only using an out-of-date site to look for a Domme, then I guess they’ll miss out!