DomCon LA 2017

DomCon was great. Got to Los Angeles on Tuesday evening, picked up a car, and stopped to get some groceries before checking into the hotel.

The next morning, headed to the registration desk, checked in, and got My badge.


Went to the industry-only classes on Wednesday and Thursday, which were all terrific.

Thursday was the opening ceremonies and first play party.

While I was sitting and enjoying a drink, I was approached by a guy wearing a gold lamé jacket. He told Me he was a slave. I asked him to clarify, since many people who think they’re a slave aren’t actually one at all. His answer didn’t fully satisfy Me, and during the course of My explanation as to what slavery is, or more broadly power exchange, our conversation moved to what it means to be a professional Dominant. He essentially insisted We’re all service tops. Not too soon after I began correcting him, Mistress Eva Cruz comes through the door, glaring at this gold-jacketed “slave” and exclaims, “Where have you been?!?” Apparently, he was supposed to get Her a drink. Instead, he stopped and struck up a conversation with Me. Well, it wasn’t long before he was on his knees, being choked by his own tie. Mistress Liz came along to join in the fun.

After some corrective measures, We needed a break and made him our footstool.



After a bit, Mistress Liz continued on with Her fun while Mistress Eva Cruz and I brought this “slave” to one of the rooms at Sanctuary to figure out how much of a slave he really was.

Let Me just say: not a lot of mercy was involved.

After two hours, We left him pretty beat up. And, hopefully, a little wiser.

The next few days were a flurry of events: classes for all convention attendees (some of which I went to and enjoyed), the Mistresses Dinner, the Mistresses photo, the Mistresses Tea (which I completely spaced until it was almost over), more play parties, lots of terrific vendors, and, of course, meeting a shitload of amazing Women (and few decent men).

Here are some of the toys I bought and tested out…


(Minus the harness and cocks)

By Sunday evening, I was exhausted. Still, I stopped into the after party, had some wine, and watched some people getting all sorts of treatment.

On Monday morning I headed back to Philly. Happy to be back!

Thank you, DomCon! See you next year!

(I’m not one to take selfies with people or I would have several I could have added to this post.)