fukpet serves

fukpet came to offer himself to me.

As part of his training, I amused myself with a game of pain and pleasure: if he took some pain, he might be rewarded with pleasure.

I used various implements on him. He took them very well.

I initially went heavier on his right cheek, so I had to balance it out, of course.

Unfortunately, because I was so engrossed in our scene, I forgot to take a photo when I was finished!

Because he took ALL of the pain I gave him, my slut received a wonderful reward that included the privilege of worshipping of my beautiful feet.

Afterward, he said:

I would like to thank you for a fantastic session. I feel honored that you have accepted the offering of myself to you and that you have begun my training to be your slut / slave. Kneeling before your powerful presence and beauty, while being instructed on how to best serve and amuse you as the lowly slave that I am is truly an honor. It was wonderful how you took complete ownership of my mind, my body. and especially my ass. The strikes of your hands, floggers and canes left their beautiful marks that I wear proudly. … I took your punishment for my shortcomings and I am grateful for the rewards you bestowed, I will strive to be a better slave for you Mistress. … Days later our session lives on … and the thoughts of kneeling before you Mistress and being of service to your decadent needs. Looking forward to our next session.”

you’re welcome, fukpet!

Welcoming Nimagras

Recently, I brought Nimagras on his first adventure with me. He indicated that he had wanted to contact me for a long time but didn’t feel he was ready to submit to me — until now.

Nima is an experienced player. He had a lot to say about what he enjoyed and didn’t, and presented a level of self-awareness that I appreciate. However, in my typical fashion, probed him further in our pre-session conversation (almost twice what I allotted!) which revealed “things…that never crossed my mind”.

When he came for his session, our conversation flowed, but once we descended into my dungeon I perceived some reticence. I usually see such things as a challenge — which I gladly accept. ūüėČ

Afterward, we were both spent.

The day after he wrote this to me:

“I left enveloped in a womb-like warmth, physically and mentally exhausted. I awoke pleasantly numb and famished.

I have a pair of day-after measures which have yet to fail.

1. It’s a great session if I felt safe enough to drop my guard, to give into the experience, and to GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY. It means that the walls enveloped us and that I trusted you to take care of everything. It means I did not have a care in the world because you were taking care of everything, and all I had to do was enjoy what you produced. It means it was a symbiotic relationship where we both got something. It’s akin to mental marriage for a few hours.

2. It’s said that a starving man will pay anything for a steak, but he has no interest in a second steak, even if it’s free. It’s a great session if I walk out so satisfied that I could not conceivably continue playing, even for free!

Together, we hit home runs on both. I’m certain I have never had a first session where both litmus tests were positive. That success is a testament to your ability to let me enjoy the roller coaster.”

Thank you, Nima. If I were to say anything, other than to thank you for your trust, it would be that while I created the roller coaster, you were the one who allowed yourself to enjoy it.

He then sent this follow-up message:

“It occurred to me last night that on a daily basis you produce such experiences to fulfill each client’s hopes and expectations. I’m awed at the mental and physical toll put upon you. Plus, you willingly carry the huge responsibility of guiding each client safely and successfully through their experience. 

I knew being a pro is hard work. Until this week, I did not have an appreciation for just how much you give of yourself. Saying thank you seems insufficient, but I sincerely thank you for putting forth such effort on the behalf of your clients.”

I appreciate this. You’re right: this is hard work. And the more you put yourself into it, the more exhausting it is — but also the more rewarding.

UPDATE: Nima sent me this a few days later:

“Still mellow and warm inside. Better than drugs.¬†

You have the touch.”

I’ve heard this before. ūüėČ

Until next time…

Mistress Tissa

Transformative BDSM with slave 70

Sure, I’m an excellent Domme for you hungry bottoms and respectful fetishists who need a scratch itched, or for Weekend Warrior Subs because they need a place to let go once in a while, but where I really excel is in the intellectual (often philosophical), psychological, and spiritual elements of play, and in seizing the potential for an intense and transformative experience that lies at the core of every BDSM interaction.

While not everyone is interested in, or equipped for, this level of play, slave 70 is clearly a good candidate.

Though we are still getting acquainted, he has shown himself to be willing to not only explore some luscious erotic space but to have me lead him into the often intimidating realm of self-improvement.

It seems from the brief time we have had together, both through a distance contract and in-person sessions, I have already left an indelible impression on him. From our last session he wrote:

“Thank You so much¬†for an¬†out of this world experience.¬†I don‚Äôt usually sleep well, but last night I fell asleep early, and slept hard and long like a baby. Just a testament to what an intense afternoon it was.

I‚Äôve been dealing with some personal issues‚Ķ everyone does. These particular circumstances have really¬†weighed me down in a way that has been¬†all-encompassing ‚ÄĒ¬†nothing much has been able to provide respite. But¬†my time¬†with You broke through;¬†You¬†made all my problems¬†melt away.¬†You kept me engaged and constantly on my toes, in such a way that my problems were¬†the furthest thing from my¬†mind. Thank You sincerely for that.

With each of the sessions I‚Äôve had, You‚Äôve¬†challenged me in very personal ways,¬†not just emotionally and physically but also intellectually. Yesterday was no exception, and was¬†particularly challenging ūüôā That‚Äôs why I can say that my experiences with You are unique and are¬†an order of magnitude different from any¬†experiences I‚Äôve have with others. Simply put, Your attention, focus, energy and spirit all exist¬†on a much higher¬†level. My gratitude for the physical predicaments and the cognitive challenges; In addition to taking home the marks You put on Your property, I also took home several things to think about.”

slave 70

Welcoming T and FC to Temenos

I recently had the pleasure of a scene with T and FC, a lovely couple from out of state.

T initially approached me wanting to gift a scene to her partner, FC, while also having an interest in improving her skills and confidence assuming the Dominant role as she may desire in their relationship.

After speaking with them both, I crafted something that I felt would fit their experience level and meet their needs, both individually but also as a couple.

They both wrote me afterward.

From T:

"Thank you for an incredible experience. The thought and care you put into the session was evident. Any nerves or discomfort I initially felt melted away within moments thanks to your clever positioning and language choice as you started the scene. I loved the [implement] and hadn’t thought about that as a possibility. I loved watching the way you crafted the scene and the punishments delivered. Absolutely no issues came up, in fact quite the opposite ;). It was great to learn that FC can take a LOT of pain (he might be a pain slut after all). Thank you thank you for this rich addition to our relationship." 

From FC:

Dear Mistress Tissa,

Thank you for your creative and insightful treatment. Not a single experience was unpleasant from my perspective.

You incorporated T into the experience in a way that I think fostered more open communication and a stronger bond. We are now able to explore topics that would have been delicate before our time with you, and when I close my eyes, I still clearly see scenes from those amazing hours. 

From your choice of clothing to the type of "punishment" delivered, my fantasies came true and then some.

Unfortunately, I recovered quickly, and there were no lasting marks, but the memories will stick. I loved the method of priming before the [activities], and I loved being stretched out on the table. Having to [activity] was demeaning in a fun way, as was the [another activity]. Being ordered to [yet another activity] was an expert move. 

I thought [you] did a wonderful job with how to incorporate both of us.

It would be a joy to have another session sometime. ... Thank you again for a magical day.

Thank you for being so hot to play with! I had a wonderful time with you both. I hope to see you again in the future!

Mistress Tissa

Welcoming Loso to Temenos

Loso recently came for his first session with me. This is what he wrote to me afterward (edited slightly for privacy):

After reflecting on our session I was impressed with the entire experience from the pre-session communication to the execution of the activities during the session. You made me feel very comfortable when I arrived, and I felt like I was able to be very open with you about my likes and dislikes. That is very important, because at no point there was pressure for me to feel like I had to do something I was uncomfortable with. At the beginning of our session I was a bit tense and in my own head. You noticed this right away, and you made sure to make me feel relaxed and put me in a headspace where I could fully let go. … This is all a credit to you and your experience on how to guide someone to having the right mindset while serving you. Also, you were very caring for marks that were made throughout the session and made sure to clean/treat them properly. There were a lot of favorite activities I can pull from our time together, but I will try to name a few. When I was on the cross there was silence in the room and the only sounds were the impact of your flogger and smacks. This was the moment I truly let go and felt like I was no longer thinking, but instead reacting. The next activity was when I was on your table … There were a lot of sensations being played with at this point, and I loved the feeling of how vulnerable I felt. The last thing was [the predicament]. During this part I felt like I had to work for something, and the challenge I was presented with created a unique sensation on the mind and body. All in all it was an amazing session, and I hope I can be granted the opportunity to serve you again.

Also, he sent me this fantastic silicone gag from my wishlist:

Thank you, Loso! I’m glad we were able to have this hot and memorable experience together. You’re welcome back whenever you’re ready.

Testimonial from slave 70

I welcomed slave 70 to Temenos recently. Here is what he wrote to me afterward:

I greatly appreciate you inviting me into Your world and into Temenos for the afternoon. I appreciate all the time, effort and energy You clearly must have devoted to making today such a success. It was all I had hoped for, and so much more.

…You looked absolutely stunning. In my opinion You look¬†even better in person than in Your photos. I¬†hear people use this¬†phrase¬†a lot, but I genuinely mean it.

…Your Dominant¬†commanding presence and probing eyes overwhelmed me. But¬†I also loved seeing you betray a¬†beautiful smile here and there, like when You were¬†setting up or adjusting¬†the ropes or torturing me with various things. I appreciate how You kept me on my toes the whole time, challenging me, pushing me and questioning me. I also really got into You training me to respond to Your commands appropriately; actually I loved that!

As I drove home,¬†I was thinking about how the world feels very different,¬†in a sense¬†fresh and new.¬†I feel a bit like¬†Neo from the Matrix ‚Äúwaking up‚ÄĚ and¬†seeing the world with¬†a completely new perspective. … And I‚Äôm¬†already hearing Your voice echo in my head,¬†helping to guide me as I make choices, good choices that is. Thank You for that.

Today was an incredible day; so many things were perfect for me. It was quite easy for me to fall under Your spell, as You truly are a naturally Dominant person. I do hope You will permit me to see You again soon; I would be a very lucky slave to have that honor.

Thank you, slave 70! I’m elated I was able to help you achieve this in only our first session. Looking forward to what may come!

(And, yes, of course you’re welcome to visit again.)

My Slut

Ready for my enjoyment 😈

My slut and I spent the day together. It allowed us to take our time and enjoy every moment. We had a lovely, sexy time.

Thank You so much for yesterday. It was by far the best session I‚Äôve had with you. I enjoyed how deliberate and un-rushes the whole session was. … Thoroughly enjoyed everything about the session – it‚Äôs the first time I dressed completely femme and for that I‚Äôm grateful. … Almost everything I experienced in the session yesterday was a first and that is only due to your expertise, creativity  and skill – as I don‚Äôt consider myself a novice. You were fantastic! Thanks again for everything.” – Kaladhar

It’s always a pleasure to be served by you, Kaladhar!

Testimonial from Todd

I recently met and had a session with a new player that I truly enjoyed. He said he’d been wanting to try this since he was a teenager. I was delighted he chose me for his first experience.

I love introducing people to BDSM. And I feel honored when I am able to do so. I’m skilled at helping people figure out what might work for them and crafting something at their level, while creating an environment in which people feel sexy but also safe.

When we began, the combination of nerves and adrenaline had him trembling (which is not uncommon). I helped him relax, and once he let go, I quickly followed. I floated into Domspace and off we went.

Todd had quite a few things he wanted to experience. Some things he’d tried a bit of, some things he hadn’t, but I was able to include everything he mentioned — and I had a great time doing it. Afterward, he said, “That was amazing!”

The next day, he sent this to me in an email:

Dear Mistress Tissa,

I wanted to thank you for our session yesterday it was everything I thought it would be and more. You made me feel very comfortable before and during the session which was important because I was very nervous before meeting you. The environment you created not only made me feel comfortable but it was also liberating for me to talk about my fetish openly and finally have a chance to explore it with you. I believe the experience will also have a long term effect on me because I feel I am more willing to accept this as a part of who I am rather than feeling ashamed.

I hope to see you soon.

Thank you again


It was really gratifying for me to read this. While I definitely enjoy and appreciate scenes that are just about being hot and sexy, it’s when I can help someone feel more comfortable with and accept some aspect(s) of themselves — even learn to love themselves a little more — that my work is most rewarding. Helping people accept themselves is sacred work.

Thank you, Todd! Hope to see you again soon!

Testimonial from james

I had a very erotic session with james, which was over far too quickly for My liking. I was getting lost in creating a particular experience for him and really enjoying Myself. So much that I lost track of time and went over. Imagine My dismay when I took a glance at the time, it was up, and he appeared to be lost in space. I wasn’t ready to bring him back. (I wouldn’t have if he didn’t have to go back to work…)

Afterward, he wrote this to Me:

“Mistress, i don‚Äôt know if i can put into words recapping today‚Äôs session. i need to try so please bare with me if i am all over the place.

i was uncertain of where You were going with today‚Äôs session when i first arrived a few minutes late. You wanted to go over my soft and hard limits so in my head i thought You might use them. i was wrong. Being a little scattered brained the past few days with work and life in general, i really was looking forward to this session. … i [am] completely honest in [that] it is a joy to serve You Mistress Tissa.

You instructed me to the table to lay on my back. Watching you prepare the ropes had me in awe. Your hands took over and before i knew it i was hog tied and completely exposed. You slowly started your magic on me and just took me to a subspace i haven’t experienced in many years. Thank You.

Every aspect of the session was amazing. i am glad You allowed me to serve You. It is an honor Mistress Tissa.

Until the next session … keep being Amazing.”

Good to know the feeling was mutual!

Thank you, james. I look forward to our next experience!

Testimonial from Beth

Beth wrote this lovely testimonial about her experience with Me on Max Fisch:

“i am a complete novice to all of this. Have had long held “dirty little secret” of being excited and fascinated by tickling that i never revealed to anyone before, and so had never had considerable real time experience. Have also struggled with anxiety, personal space / intimacy issues most of my life, and really wanted to try something to push past all my self imposed boundaries. i finally decided to try and schedule a 1 hr session with Mistress Tissa, to finally experience this long held fantasy, a ‘bucket list’ item. i completed her comprehensive application and followed through with the required phone call interview. i was beyond nervous and could barely speak coherently, but Mistress guided me through the phone conversation, suggesting the addition of spanking to the session to mix things up. i had never even thought about that, have always been so focused on tickling, but for some reason, i agreed, and we scheduled a session. Before the session, i sent her an email explaining my nervousness and some things that had come up for me since our last phone call. She suggested a pre session coaching phone call, to help me be better prepared for the experience. When i arrived for the session, i was shaking and nervous and barely able to speak. Mistress was unbelievably kind and talked me through my nerves before we transitioned down to her dungeon. Mistress managed to establish very clearly Her Dominance, strength, and control of the situation. And although i was unbelievably nervous, bashful and intimidated, She also made me feel safe and protected. The one hour session flew by, and in spite of myself, i had managed to let go, at least partly, and experience it. When i left, i knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that i wanted to go back again. i could not believe how incredible i felt afterward, how much She had gotten inside my head and pushed me, it was incredible. i knew i had to go back, at least one more time, to make sure it wasn’t some kind of fluke. i had another phone coaching session with Her before the second session, to discuss my initial experience and talk about the next.

i have had now had the privilege of two sessions with Mistress Tissa, and have just scheduled my third. It was no fluke. my second session was 2 hrs, and She again exceeded all my wildest expectations, clearing my head, quieting the noise, and forcing me into the moment. i left that session with my head spinning and feeling better than i had in weeks.

i plan on continuing to session with Mistress Tissa as i continue to work on pushing through boundaries and getting closer to being my authentic self. i did not expect to care so much about what She thought or even really considered that i would want to serve Her. But when She told me i did well at the end of the session, i was ecstatic that i had pleased her.
i realized i do want to serve her, and give up control to her, to regain control in my life. Mistress is so intuitive, so good at what She does, that She has brought out interests i didn’t even know i had. i am convinced that continued sessions with her will be a life transforming experience. And unbelievably fun and exciting too. i am in awe of her strength, intelligence, uncanny intuition and her high ethical standards. She is an intimidating force to be reckoned with in all the right ways. Don’t walk, RUN and request a session with Mistress Tissa right away!”