My Fetishes VI: Diaphanous Clothing

I realized I hadn’t added a post about my own fetishes in almost 3 years !!

Diaphanous means sheer, see-through, and I find it both arousing to see others wear this kind of clothing and also wear it myself.

I find it erotic for a variety of reasons. One, it appeals to voyeurist/exhibitionist desires. Two, I find that it’s often more erotic than a fully nude person because you’re being granted visual access — but not complete access; like a tease. Three, you’re not really supposed to see through clothing, are you? So is it an accident? Am I not supposed to look?

Here are some images I find sexy:

(c) Hayley’s Secrets
(c) unknown
(c) Steven Meisel for Vogue Magazine
(c) unknown
(c) unknown. Some paparazzi guy.
(c) MrMarshallMan

(It’s difficult to find sexy photos of men in see-through clothing !)

My Fetishes V: Smoking

I have a fetish for smoking, also called “capnolagnia“. (Not to be confused with coprolagnia, which is the fetish for feces.) I have had this fetish for a long time. Possibly since I was a child, though I didn’t first try a cigarette until I was a teenager.

I remember seeing this photo of Madonna when I was in high school and being very drawn to it. I found it and Her so incredibly sexy. I saw Myself in Her. This blend of feminine and masculine energy. Maybe a bit of the Leather Daddy, too. 😉


(photo: Herb Ritts)

So why don’t I offer smoking play?

I stopped smoking! (My last cigarette was in November of 2011.)

At that time, it felt like something I wanted to do. I had smoked on and off for 18 years and My body would let Me know it wasn’t happy by getting sick. A doctor told Me I was a prime candidate for more serious problems. I already knew this.

For the most part, I really enjoyed it, though.

…positioning one between two fingers, bringing it to slightly parted lips, the flick of the match or lighter while pulling in that first drag, a French inhale (so sexy), then rings, a perfect accompaniment to coffee and conversation…

I do miss that. But My body is happier without them.

I have considered vaping in sessions, but I’m not sure it would have the same effect. Also, from what I’ve read, they are not any less safe — if not worse.

If only someone would make a safe cigarette…

My Fetishes IV: Retifism

Retifism is the fetish for footwear. I am a retifist. I become aroused when wearing or seeing others wear shoes that I think are sexy.

I don’t know where this fetish came from. The earliest fetish-type attraction to shoes I remember was a pair of black suede, knee-high stiletto heels that were My mother’s. When I was a child, I used to put them on and pretend to be a superhero. I loved putting those boots on, even though they were much too big for Me, because they made Me feel powerful.

I have over 100 pairs of gorgeous shoes. My favorite are platform stiletto heels. I estimate that about 70 pair of the shoes I have are stilettos, and the majority of those are platforms. Most of them are black.

In My collection I have:

  • crotch boots
  • thigh-high boots
  • knee-high boots
  • ankle boots
  • combat boots (vintage and modern)
  • Doc Martens
  • pole climbers
  • classic pumps
  • retro pumps
  • strappy pumps
  • fetish (ballet boots, metal heels, spikes, etc)
  • kitten heels
  • creepers
  • sneakers (gym/tennis/trainers style, Converse “Chucks”)
  • sandals (gladiator, wedges, espadrilles, flip flops, Dr. Scholl’s wood exercise sandals, etc)
  • unusual designs (holographic, art heels, etc)
  • costume shoes (gogo, pirate)
  • vintage (spectators, oxfords, 1980s jellies, etc)
  • ballet (soft and pointe) [These are actual dance shoes, not fetish, from when I was a dancer, and are very old and smell wonderful.]

Materials and patterns:

  • vinyl
  • leatherette and leather*
  • faux suede and suede*
  • satin
  • velvet
  • cork
  • canvas
  • animal print
  • holographic
  • pinstripe
  • “jelly”


  • zippers
  • laces
  • buckles
  • snaps
  • rings
  • spikes
  • bullets
  • scales
  • bows (I’m extremely picky about bows because I usually hate them)

Here is a sample of some of the shoes from My collection:

If you also share a love of shoes and would you like to add to My collection, I’d be thrilled to receive a new pair! Check out My current footwear wishlist! I add to it when I find something I’d like. Or you can send an e-gift certificate. Ideas are on My Offerings page.

With this collection, I offer High Heel, Shoe, and Boot Domination sessions. These types of sessions are best suited for those who are looking to submit to the chosen footwear rather than fetishists who do not desire power exchange.


I welcome requests for a particular pair of shoes or boots to be worn during a session, but you must be polite and respectful when asking or I won’t consider the request. NO: “wear your shiny black thigh-highs with the side laces”. YES: “Mistress, I would be love/adore/be honored if you wore any shoes in which I can see your toes.”

*either purchased before I stopped buying leather or used

Would you like to make Me really happy? Surprise Me with a pair from My WANT LIST:

  • 1960s pop and flower art platforms
  • 1970s wood platforms
  • Disco platforms
  • 1980s new wave pumps
  • Other unique, outrageous, and statement type shoes and boots

Aside from the mass-produced footwear that is on the above wishlist, I’m primarily looking for vintage (original to the time period) shoes, but well-done retro (remakes) can be good, too. Leather or suede is okay if used, but nothing newly manufactured, please.

I’m also interested in bespoke fetish heels, but the maker must offer non-animal-based materials. Please check with Me if you are interested in gifting this type of shoe.

My foot is 10″/25.4cm in length. I usually wear an 8.5US/39 Euro for open-toe sandals or 9US/7 UK/40 Euro for everything else.

My Fetishes III: Military



Military uniforms (especially olive drab), shaved heads, hierarchy, discipline, barking orders, bodies held rigidly at attention, drills, precision… It’s all incredibly hot for Me. It goes deeper, but I’ll leave it at that.

I think I first became cognizant of this fetish when I was 18. I bought My first military surplus to wear. Since that time, I have collected some military uniform pieces and memorabilia. Combat boots still have a place in My wardrobe.

Over the years, I’ve had a very squishy spot for men who are serving or have served. (I’ve known women who have, but it doesn’t have the same impact.) Before I went professional and was engaging in a lot of personal play, I sought out these men — any branch, any status, and any rank. Some came to Me in uniform, which, of course, really got Me going.

I especially enjoy being served by military men because they understand D/s, have been trained, and know how to take orders – something I’m naturally good at giving. I’ve joked that I would probably make an excellent Drill Instructor.

One of My favorite clients gave Me a fantastic (and very thoughtful) gift of customized dog tags. “Mistress Tissa, Dominatrix” they read. I love to hear them clink against one another.

I hope to enlist some of pukes you soon for some military role play scenarios…

My Fetishes II: Male Homosexuality


It almost feels as if I’m cheapening it to categorize it as a “fetish”. It’s really not just some means by which I get off. I have a deep passion for men being with other men. It’s more than sexually exciting for Me, it’s emotionally fulfilling.

Why? Honestly? I think I was a gay dude in My previous life. I think this is why I love to anally top so much; I’m a natural born anal top. And also why I love forced homosexuality (a.k.a. “forced bi”). Making a guy suck another man’s cock, get fucked by him, and seeing him covered in cum is incredibly hot for Me. I love gay porn, too.

I do enjoy female homosexuality as well, but it doesn’t have the same overall impact as when I see men with men.

My Fetishes I: Dacryphilia

One of My fetishes? Crying. I LOVE when people are brought to tears with Me. Not fake tears, real tears.


This fetish is known as dacryphilia.

Why does this arouse Me? Because I am breaking you down in some way. I may be bringing you somewhere or exposing some aspect of yourself…and that may frighten you. The Sadist in Me loves to frighten you.

Tears show vulnerability. Tears show submission. Tears say to Me that something transformative is happening. And those things are deeply fulfilling for Me.