Auralism is the fetish for sound.

Usually aural fetishes are specific, such as the voice, sexual activity, high heels, or music.

I enjoy playing around with sounds during a session. If you have particular sounds that excite you, let Me know. (Be respectful in your request, though.)

If you are one who finds particular music — a genre, artist, album, or song — arousing or compelling, I’m open to discussing how it can be incorporated into our scene.

Inversely, if you want to feel a particular way during a session, and are open to using music to enhance that, I can select pieces that I feel might invoke those emotions.

I enjoy many types of music* and have experience as a DJ, both in a club setting and via the internet, where I used to have an independent radio station.

My own collection consists of thousands and thousands of songs. Here’s a screenshot of some folders in My collection:


* Sorry, no contemporary country or contemporary Christian!




Human Nature

Society tends to view people like Me as things to be criminalized and eradicated. Likewise with others whose livelihood involves eroticism or sex. When people like them are faced with some aspect they do not like about themselves, such as an interest in being tied down and flogged, people like Me who joyously do these things (consensually, of course), become scapegoats for their repressed sexuality.

One reason why I do what I do is because I am genuinely passionate about people expressing who they really are. I am especially interested in matters of identity, sexuality (especially kink), and intimacy. All of which are conscious elements of how I approach and practice BDSM.

Sadly, our world attempts to define and control these things from the moment we are born. We are color-coded and assigned roles and expectations about how we dress, behave, have sex–and with whom. We are told what is okay and what is not. And when we don’t fit into those boxes and express our true nature, we are often shamed.

I don’t think most people fall neatly into “woman” or “man” or “straight” or “gay”. I don’t even think most people are strictly “vanilla”. Identity and sexuality are far more interesting and nuanced than what we are lead to believe. Challenging and experimenting with what we have been taught about them can be very exciting, gratifying, and liberating.

I am here to provide a safe space for you to explore these things that you may feel afraid to express. I am here to usher you into a new awareness of yourself.