Send Me a Text!

Now you can text me via NiteFlirt!

Go to my page:

Then, the listing under “Mistress Tissa offers chat” click on “chat now”.

You pay 99 cents to send and my reply is free.

You can send a text any time you desire. I will reply as soon as I can. Those sent between 6pm and midnight EST are most likely receive a reply right away.

You can ask questions about BDSM/kink, receive counsel and support about BDSM/kink and relationships, we can discuss our day or hobbies, or you can just say hi. If you show yourself to be a good submissive, you may receive a task.

IMPORTANT: Do not use text for:

  • scheduling in-person sessions (this is against their TOS and can get us both banned)
  • cancelling in-person sessions (same as above)
  • for scenes or roleplay

Mistress Tissa’s FemDom Tuck-In (Updated)

(Click the image to call me)
  • I removed “littles”, “bigs”, “boys” and “girls” because NiteFlirt would not publish my listing as they said it could infer age play and that is prohibited in their terms of service.
  • If you would like to do age play, you will have to contact me through my website to set something up outside of their interface.

Webcam sessions

Interested in a live experience but unable to actually visit Me?


I offer live webcam sessions through at 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 1124-2454

Or, you can click on this button: Call Button

If I’m not on and available, send Me a message to schedule some time with Me.

I welcome subs, slaves, bottoms, fetishists, sluts, whores, sissies, faggots, pigs, foot bitches, losers, and meat of all genders, sexual orientations, legal ages, ethnicities, colors, etc.

My limits and relevant protocol still apply!


Unless I had made an appointment with someone, I didn’t tend to sign on very often. Well, people have been asking when I’m on, so I’m making more of an effort to do this.

If you would like to offer yourself and serve Me, call My play line:

Call Button

Or if you need coaching about a sex or relationship matter, or you’d just like some casual conversation with Me, you can reach Me on My chat line:

Call Button

If I’m on, it says “Call Now”. If I’m not, it will say, “Send Email”.

As before, if I’m not on and you would like to serve Me or chat with Me, click the button to send a message about what you’re looking for, your availability, and we can schedule a time to meet. Or you can add Me to your favorites and look for Me.

If you’re wondering what people have said about speaking with Me, visit:

Mistress Tissa’s listings on NiteFlirt

Click on which listing you’d like to read the reviews for, and then click on the number beneath the stars.

Protocol updates

I’ve had some shit happen lately which is really boner killing. That means improvements must be made to ensure My satisfaction. you want a satisfied Mistress, don’t you? Of course you do, sluts!

REMINDER: My protocol is that a deposit must be paid BEFORE I do any reference checking or vetting. I have not been strict enforcing this. Now I am, effective immediately.


  1. No more long consults without tribute. If a brief conversation doesn’t suffice, then we will have to continue on a tributed basis. If you want to try to avoid a longer call, spend more time on your app. The more organized and articulate you are, the less I have to do these things for you. This does not mean I want your life story in your app, it just means be clear about what you are and are not looking for.
  2. Deposits are now 20-25% of the total tribute. Nothing else has changed.

Why am I doing this? I have been supremely generous with My time, making a sincere effort to speak with people — sometimes at great length — about their interests, limits, and health considerations, as well as checking references or safely vetting them into the professional circle. Despite the time and work involved, I have done this extensively without asking for any tribute up-front. This is rare in professional BDSM. Some Dommes refuse to speak to anyone without tribute. Now, while most people have been very respectful of My time and prompt to pay deposits, allowing Me to be more lax with this, I’ve had some issues recently which have prompted Me to make some changes to ferret out the disingenuous sluts.

Interested in speaking with Me on the phone?

For those who would like a phone session or would just like to chat, please visit Me here:

Mistress Tissa on Niteflirt

Since I am more focused on real-time sessions, I don’t have plans to just sit on the phone and wait for calls — or at least not for long periods of time. So, if you’re interested, I would highly suggest making an appointment with Me.

To do this, just follow the above link and send an email through Niteflirt. From there, please let Me know what kind of call you’re looking to have and some times that work for you. I will let you know if any of those times work.

For those who are more spur-of-the-moment types, that’s fine, but realize that it may be harder to catch Me.

Since I’m not a morning person, there is very little chance I will accept any appointments or be on before noon. You will have more success with evening and late night hours.

Also, I am happy to take calls from anywhere in the world — you just need to speak sufficient English.