Kaladhar serves

Kaladhar said he wanted to serve and be owned by someone like me: a genuine, strong Dominant woman.

This is something I believe most men would benefit from.

I began the process of stripping him of his identity. Who he believed he is was no longer relevant.

Usually a man’s penis is significant part of his identity. So, I took that away from him. It belonged to me now.

But sometimes chastity alone is not enough.


I wanted to reinforce my possession of him.

Then it was time for the beating.


He is coming along nicely.

Resuming control of slut b

After a lengthy absence, slut b returned to ask Me to assume sexual control of him. After some consideration, I agreed.

This slut has much to learn…and I may be the only one who can teach it to him.

MISTRESS TISSA. As You commanded this mornings picture of YOUR little dicklet. So tiny as i could not touch it to make it hard. Only You now control if, when. and how i am ever allowed touch it.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving reminding me of how thankful i am that You have taken full ownership of my sexual activity. You are amazingly kind to have allowed me the privilege of Your ownership after i so badly misbehaved. You are truly a special person. i can’t thank You enough. i want nothing but to please You. my actions going forward will demonstrate how grateful i am to You. … As You said to me “just let go and give all the control to You”  i am a very happy and thankful slut today.  Thank You MISTRESS TISSA!!
                                                                                                    slut b

slave m’s service

Dear Mistress Tissa:

Let me begin by thanking You for allowing me to serve you again during O/our most recent session.  i have been serving You as Your “slave m” for over a year now and i can honestly say that every session with You have been equally exciting and rewarding.  You are an amazing person in every way possible.  When O/our sessions begin and You instruct me to kneel at Your feet in front of You and explain why i have come to serve You, i always do my best to put into words my purpose for the day.  But in reality Mistress, i am always thinking to myself that i hope i am able to do everything You ask of me on this day, and most of all i hope that i am able to please You.  My singular purpose in coming to see You is always to do whatever You ask of me.  i want so much to please You, Mistress Tissa.

i am not sure how many times i have come to serve You over the past year, but i do know that every session has been different and unique in their own way.  i have come to expect the unexpected and it is one of the things i truly enjoy, the uniqueness of O/our sessions and the surprises that You always have in store for me.  But, i must admit that i also enjoy the fact that O/our sessions always begin with the same basic procedures.  i kneel at Your feet explaining to You why i have come to serve You.  i love kneeling in front of You and pledging myself to You.  You then place a collar around my neck, reminding me that I belong to You.  Although, i really do not need that reminder, as i know that i am Yours to do with as You please as soon as i walk into Your Temenos.  Although, it is always a pleasant reminder to me that when You place the collar around my neck it signifies first, that i belong to You and second, that i am about to begin two hours of absolute bliss!  At some point in this process, You always remove your red robe and allow me the privilege of seeing what You are wearing.  i have never made a request of You as to what You might wear during a session, as i know better than to ever give input as to what You might wear.  But, it is a treat for me when You decide to wear something that i had gifted to You during one of O/our sessions.  I had gifted to You an amazing latex bra and pants, which You decided to wear during O/our session.  i am not going to try to put into words how stunning You looked in Your latex pants and bra, i can’t, and actually no one could.  As i am writing this letter to You, my first thought is maybe You will post a picture of how You looked on that day so i can see You again.  But the truth is that it doesn’t matter, as I am sure i will not forget how incredible You looked, since it is now in my memory forever!

You then handed me a spray bottle and several paper towels and told me to polish Your latex outfit.  i was to spray this on your latex pants and bra and rub it into the latex, trying to bring it to the brightest shine possible.  Did i just write those words?  Were You really going to allow me to touch You?  You did, and i am still in disbelief.  During my last session with You, i was given the incredible privilege of washing Your feet, which still amazes me to this day that You allowed me that honor.  During this session You informed me that i was going to be permitted to rub the polish on the latex outfit You were wearing.

And so i began.  I sprayed small amounts of the silicone onto Your legs and began to rub the polish into the latex pants.  Besides the obvious joy i was getting from being permitted to touch You, it was extremely important to me that i did the best job possible shining your latex  up to your very high standards. As always, i was determined as ever to please You.


i have worked very hard over the last year during our sessions to please You by doing everything that You have asked of me.  Maybe You were allowing me this honor as a reward for my complete and total devotion to You.  Or, maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part.  It really doesn’t matter either way, as You were allowing me the incredible honor of polishing Your latex outfit, and i thought i had just entered the gates of heaven.  It was extremely important to me that i did the best job possible.  When i completed the task of shining Your latex, You inspected my work in the mirror and gave me approval for a job well done.  Inside i was glowing with a sense of pride that i had pleased You.

After toying with me for a while, which included engorging my penis and nipples with a suction pump…


…You prepared me for what would be the culmination of O/Our session.  You were going to again “make me Your bitch.”  But, before doing so, You carefully prepared me for what was to come.  You tied me up using various ropes so that i was completely immobilized.  First my upper body was tied up with my arms at my sides.  Mistress Tissa, i have said this to You before, You are a master at the art of domination.  The creative way You tied me up with the rope is rather hard to describe, but completed in a truly professional manner.  It is obvious to me that You take great care in learning Your craft and i am thankful that when i session with You, i am at the total mercy of a true master.  You are a brilliant dominatrix with skills beyond belief!  Next You had me kneel on the floor and place my head (face down) on a padded bench as You began to tie up my legs.  You had me bend my knees and bring my feet up as close to my ass as possible.  You then tied up my legs by wrapping the rope around my thighs and calves.  At the beginning, when the rope slipped off of my leg and fell to the floor, truthfully i thought what You were doing was not going to work and You might give up and try some other method of restraining me.  But, then i remembered that you probably rarely fail at anything and soon enough the rope was successfully tied in place and i was ready for You do to whatever You wanted with me.  i was prepared to “be Your bitch.”


Although You were out of my sight and i could not move, i guessed that You were strapping on Your dildo and preparing to dominate me in a most powerful way.  Next you placed my head in a harness so that i kept my head up and placed a large mirror directly in front of me.  By keeping my head up and looking directly into the mirror, i believe You were trying to deliver a clear message to me.  Actually the message could not have been clearer.  “slave m, You are going to watch me fuck You in your ass and You are not going to take your eyes off of me while i make You my bitch.”  Just to reiterate Your point, you had me repeat my mantra while i was getting fucked.  You required me to say things like, “i am Your bitch, “You own my fuck hole’” and more.  i repeat those phrases to You gladly and with reverence because i know they are true.  At one point of “Your ride’” You grabbed a hold of the rope handle You had created on my back and rode me like a jockey would ride a horse.  While doing so You slapped my ass several times.  Actually this created an odd sensation for me as i felt as though i was being cantered like a horse.  I can only hope that i gave You a good ride.

Mistress Tissa, it almost goes without saying that i am truly honored to be able to serve You and to be Your slave m.  During O/our sessions, i will always do whatever You ask of me and try to please You in every way possible.  I look forward with great anticipation to serving You again!


slave m

slut b’s chastity journal

slut b: property of Mistress Tissa
26 October 2015

10 AM i locked my clit and wrote “Mistress Tissa’s Property”. i am feeling excited and wish i could be with You naked with other people able to see me, and know i am Your Property.

11 AM i am feeling the confinement of my cage. Feeling docile and submissive to You my Mistress.

12 PM Feeling the intense need to please You. It is so very important to me!

1 PM my clit cage feels tight, a reminder that i am Your property. Grateful that You will have me.

2 PM i am looking at the picture of YOUR locked clit. i realize that i am so lucky to be controlled by You and wish You  could have more control.

3 PM i am feeling You have brought me a long way since we met. i want to obey You, and accept what You are willing to give without questioning.

4 PM Feeling aroused all day, i want to molded into the sub You want me to be and please You. All decisions and control with You.