Keeping Canada Safe From Rebels

13 décembre 1837

Les américains sont des imbéciles.

J’ai attiré ça…I lured this young one right into my trap.

He believed he was safe where he meets his Hunter’s Lodge brethren.

These rebels are naive to think I don’t have my eyes and ears everywhere, watching their every move, learning their plans to incite revolt with the locals to overthrow our government.

He was an easy capture.

It did not take much to get him to talk. My dagger on his throat and my intentions in his ear were enough.

As is typical of men, he took an opportunity to question my leadership and doubt my abilities as a woman.

When I stripped him of his britches and placed my blade at the real weakness, he whimpered, as they do.

I spent some time enjoying the torture of him, as I extracted more about his accomplices and their plans.

He begged for his life, of course. I pretended to offer it in exchange for key details.

Once he provided them, I cut him loose and told my men to take him for deportation to Van Diemen’s Land.

Au revoir, Monsieur de Fontaine.

Capitaine Tissa
Commandant de la milice du Haut-Canada


(JancokOi, who played Mr. de Fontaine, wrote about his experience with me here.)

Now Hiring: Skilled Worker

samantha came for a job interview at LUTS Industries.

I had to make sure she was the right fit for the job.

“Let’s see those tits, samantha.”

Just what I like: nice, hard nipples.

“Now, spread those legs.”

Promising candidate: I didn’t have to ask her twice.

“Can you come on your tits?”

“You’re hired.”