Change in Description: “Rough Body Play”

I renamed “rough body play” to “body domination” on my site.

I did this because RBP really describes ways of expressing physical domination which doesn’t necessarily have to be “rough”. I feel that “body domination” allows for a broader interpretation for the range of sensation possible and better communicates my intent.

Some specific activities I include under “body domination”:

  • hair-pulling
  • kicking
  • pinning
  • punching
  • rough-housing
  • shoving
  • trampling (barefoot or shoes)

(Of course, these, like other activities, can fall under multiple categories.)


Getting rough with Monkey Dick

Monkey Dick likes when I am rough with him. This is good because I like opportunities to be rough. I especially like to physically dominate in the form of take downs, slapping, punching, kicking, pinning, and generally pushing and pulling you around so it’s very clear who is in control. After enjoying some of just that, I forced him into this new humbler, which I purchased especially with him in mind:


It presents a nice little predicament when faced with…oh…other stimulation.

After thoroughly enjoying his being completely at My mercy, I restrained him to My cross.

Mistress Tissa - Ready

After making his balls completely exposed and vulnerable to Me, I took My time torturing them. Then, his cock. Crushing, slapping, punching, whipping… It was an intense two hours which I absolutely loved!

mvb returns

mvb returned to further explore her (hungry) submission to My (bountiful) Domination.

Because mvb is so committed to the experience, it was effortless for Me to respond in kind.

I slipped into Domspace very quickly. And there I continued to flow for three hours.

Some highlights:

…carefully dressing her to My satisfaction…

….an exhilarating spanking which left Me out of breath — and mvb crying out “YES! YES! YES!”…

…delicious clit and ball torture…


…to her need to be dragged down, beaten, and fucked into…freedom.


…and the next day, she had this to say:

Oh wow.

i’m 110% certain that i’ve never had a more exhilarating, intense, glorious, and wholly fulfilling experience in my entire life. You *get* me, and because of that, i felt this feeling of complete emotional and physical submission Yesterday that i’ve never felt before. i wasn’t necessarily scared by it. Instead, it felt like this cathartic, evolutionary thing, this almost “caterpillar-to-butterfly” feeling.

There’s a thing that happens when You touch me in any way that i can’t explain as feeling anything other than perfect. From here on out, if You’re giving, i’m accepting, lol. i’m here for all of the emotion, all of the growth, all of the little tiny explosions of endorphins that make me feel like i’m blasting deeper and deeper into my best self while in Your hands. There’s a real honesty and truth in what You do that’s really powerful in the way that i feel if i give You more of myself, then You’re going to somehow make that more of me just shine and sparkle.

i’ve spent the last 18 hours laughing out loud for minutes on end and feeling my body just spasm out of the blue in the best ways possible. i also blush at random times when i think about the idea that You literally fucked me silly. In doing that, You made a dream of mine come true.

Here’s some full disclosure that i feel really comfortable now about letting You know (though You probably already know this), lol. i’m a slut. Like, in my mind, the sluttiest of sluts. The most depraved of sluts. But, i also view this as this really empowered thing for me where i like, create safe space for myself. There’s a thing about everything involved in my own identity and submission (and how they relate and interact with each other) that for me feels like freedom and discovering a peace of mind that makes me feel whole. It’s like, the biggest and heaviest thing in my life. You make it feel lighter than air.

Honestly, i spend more time than i’m comfortable telling most anyone reading about and watching documentaries about my favorite femme fatales, then doubling down on watching really extreme transsexual and Woman-on-woman Femdom porn. Like, almost obsessively sometimes. Then, i try to find the happy place between all of these images, actions, and myself. That’s my greatest frustration these days and so much of why O/our sessions are so amazing to me. i present my body to You, and you present back to me this whole other person that You’ve like, used and abused in the best way and then put a bow on top like, “here’s who You *actually* are.” It’s so great, so liberating, and so beneficial. Like, a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders and i just feel so unencumbered in all facets of my life because of that. Thank You for all of this.